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February Feature: SURGE~ outofdesperation's "Zetsubou no Iro"


There comes a time when a group enters the scene with such elegance, passion and dedication that it exudes from their music. SURGE~ outofdesperation is one of these bands. With each note and every word a beautiful darkness fills your ears and takes hold of your soul. As you listen, it is easy to get lost in the lightness and delicacy created by the instruments. It is just as easy to get lost in the more hard-hitting, darker moments.This feeling of being engulfed in their world consumes you even more as the elegance and rawness of the Japanese lyrics easily takes you on a journey.

In the beginning of January 2010, magic was created through the uniting forces of Kazuki Yagami (vo.), Smash (g.), Dayrell (ba.) and Tai Kioshi (dr.) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. After their performance at Anime BH 2011, they were joined shortly after by HiDeTo (g.). Heavily influenced by Nagoya kei and Angura kei along with Visual kei scene in general, they bring their own spice into a fusion of the different worlds. As a band, SURGE~ outofdesperation holds their own in the Brazilian visual scene alongside other bands Re:Born, Drace XII and many more.

In their digital maxi single Zetsubou no Iro, released February 26, 2012, SURGE~ invites us into an intimate world that gives us further insight of who they are as a band. With each song, you embark on a journey filled with a diverse passion.

As the first piece starts, you feel yourself gliding through the air with the light delicacies of the piano. In this lightness, “赤い Akai” is a moving way to start this 4-track maxi single. There is already so much emotion you can feel from such a short instrumental piece. By the time the piece ends, I feel as though I want to continue the journey like a sunset rising in the sky.

As the lightness and delicacy of 赤い Akai disappears, the abrupt and hard-hitting “Surge out of desperation” begins. Considering the title of song is named after the band themselves, I wasn’t expecting anything less from hard rockers themselves. There is a darkness and twistedness to the energy behind this song. In an interview, Dayrell explained that the song expresses the way they think and who they are.

This piece is full of head-banging opportunities as you can feel Kazuki scream his lungs out during the choruses and especially at 2:20-2:48. Whenever I hear this song I want to rock out. One of the most memorable sections is the instrumental opening with the heavy hitting drums, hitting drums, dirty guitar riffs, and deep bassline. As the next piece begins, an air of intimacy fills the atmosphere, like a conversation between old friends. 蜉蝣 kagerou tells the story of a deep longing about the band reaching out to Daisuke Ochida, most known for being the lead singer of kagerou, the studs and his solo project, Daisuke to Kuro no Injatachi before his death on July 15, 2010. With the lyrics, the delicacy in the instruments, and the emotions pouring out of Kazuki’s soul, it feels like a piece of Daisuke came back to life. There is a deep, yet breathtaking sadness and longing that can be heard as Kazuki sings. It is as if you can sense that they are trying to convey their feelings and emotions, hoping to reach Daisuke. The translation the band provides for this song says it all:

“Sometimes I also think you were selfish.
The smell of tobacco and the words
Still wandering through the rooms
I can not abandon the dark present.
I can not abandon this scary present.
Why you're gone?
The smiley psychopath
Why the dragonfly's life has to be ephemeral?
Why you're gone?
The smiley psychopath
And you'll always be in our memory
And in our hearts
Heart with pain
Heart with longing
And happy for all that you left us
Why you're gone?
Why you're gone?
The smell of tobacco and the words
Still wandering around the room
Relax and let it with us
We will carry your ideas”

Out of all of the pieces on this maxi single, this one is the most memorable. It is clearly dedicated to Daisuke Ochida, a musician that greatly influenced and inspired SURGE~ to start the band. The name SURGE~ was even taken from one of Daisuke’s compositions when he was with Kagerou. As I listen to this piece, the dedication touches my heart. You can feel the intensity of their undeniable dedication and passion. You can tell that this song holds a very deep, personal and deep meaning to for the band; almost as though it is a present to Daisuke himself.

Throughout his career, even after his death, it is hard to describe the impact of his presence in the music world. Known as an amazing singer-songwriter and composer whose presence was filled with astounding drive and energy, his songs transformed into pieces of his soul given as presents to his fans. With this dedication and level of passion, Daisuke's influence lives on.

As “kagerou” fades away, the maxi single closes with another fantastic instrumental piece called “グレイGurei”. It’s a perfect way to end the single, the same way it began. However, instead of feeling like the beginning of a journey, it spoke of the waning of the moon. It has such a different energy than Akai but nevertheless beautiful and delicate.

All in all, this maxi single left me wanting two things: more music and more insight into the band as a whole. This maxi single, which is available for free download, is my first experience into their world. In each song, I felt an array of emotions ranging from delicacy, despair, longing, and dedication, just to name a few. However, above all else, I felt their passion expressed through each and every note. After experiencing this maxi single I am extremely excited to hear what is next. My only complaint about this single is that it was too short and left me wanting more. I give this maxi single a 5 out of 5 stars.

After writing this piece, SURGE~ outofdesperation's guitarist HiDeTo has left the band due to personal and health reasons on January 22, 2013. He was a part of the line-up of  Zetsubou no Iru. We wish him the best of luck in the future.

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This review of SURGE~ outofdesperation was written by Rita Nokkaew (Ayva Trance) and edited by Kaitlin Maginnis (Rain)

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