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Eyeshine Concert Report and Interview



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Eyeshine is an amazing band! I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, but I was eager to find out. They rocked - they definitely loved the music they were making and had a lot of fun doing their concert, and so did I!

Ginny, who played the bass, is the newest member of Eyeshine! Many people wondered who she was, and if she was a support member, but she is the new official bassist and she did a great job! She seemed to fit in terrifically with the band!

Maurice Salmin did a fantastic job on the drums! He rocked it out and provided the backing vocals when needed all from his drum set. You could definitely still notice him even though he was, as the drummer often is, in the back.

Polo, the lead guitarist, exuded raw energy! He truly seemed to be enjoying himself. He was definitely moving to the music. It made the whole concert more enjoyable!

Which brings me to the final member, Johnny! As the frontman, founder, and lead vocalist, it’s no surprise that Johnny Yong Bosch took center stage during the performance. It’s only natural. I was impressed with his ability to keep up the humor during the performance while still staying true to his music.

One thing that stuck out to me was that they did indeed, to the amusement and pleasure of many in the audience, play the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers opening song. I think that the Power Rangers will always follow Johnny. It’s one of those things that you can never escape, though I have no idea if he would want to or not.

Another thing that I remember was that Eyeshine felt like a bunch of unique individuals coming together to make music. This worked for the band. Some bands will present themselves as a group, as a whole. Eyeshine , however, came together but they still maintained their individuality. The music blended but the members still had their own distinct sounds. The attention was drawn to them. It was a really fun concert!!

I had the opportunity to interview Eyeshine on Friday afternoon. During their interview, Johnny spoke about how many convention attendees have never been to a concert. He said that they enjoy being their first concert experience. In my opinion, no one would be disappointed to experience their first concert with this band. Eyeshine definitely brought their A-game Saturday night. Rock on Eyeshine!

I hope you’ll enjoy their full interview.


VKEIOS: Hello and could you introduce yourselves for our readers.

Johnny: I’m Johnny Yong Bosch. I’m guitarist and singer.
Maurice: Maurice Salmin. Drums.
Polo: Polo. Japanese.
Ginny: I’m GInny. Bassist.

VKEIOS: You were the mystery woman.

Ginny: I’m new.

VKEIOS: Well, welcome and thank you for coming to AWA, all of you. How did Eyeshine form?

Johnny: Maurice.
Maurice: Well, the real answer?

VKEIOS: The real answer.

Maurice: Well after Power Rangers Johnny was searching for a job, he was jobless. It was hard to get a role as a half- Asian at the time so all he had was a few possessions and a cot. And he was moving from house to house and he had a guitar. So he promised himself to learn the guitar and he did. And it kind of got him out of that depression. So he came up with this idea like ‘Maybe I could make music for people that could help people outta depression or change their lives or influence them.’ And so after a lot of band searching, I joined the band. And we met at Church. And we went through many bassists and lead guitarists and now we have these two.

VKEIOS: When you first began, did you ever imagine you would be where you are now?

Johnny: Nope.
Maurice: Nope.
Johnny: Did not. I had no idea at all.

VKEIOS: What difficulties do you encounter as an unsigned band?

Johnny: Mostly financial. Being unsigned obviously we don’t have the support of a label. We do it all on our own.

VKEIOS: What artists have influenced your music?

Johnny: All of ‘em.
Maurice: We listen to a lot of music.
Johnny: A lot of different styles. I think it’s more about the story, emotionally.

VKEIOS: What’s the hardest part of performing, and what is the most rewarding?

Maurice: Hardest part of performing is, I guess, creating the mood and atmosphere that we want without making mistakes and finding sound issues. For some reason the universe likes to give us sound issues.

VKEIOS: Like with the microphone this morning. (In reference to a technical issue during Eyeshine’s panel earlier that day)

Maurice: The microphones or whatever.
Johnny: Most rewarding is creating the songs. And when we play a show, and the audience is actually singing those lyrics. That’s the most rewarding. Because then we can make a connection.
You guys should check out our YouTube series: . It’s basically a documentary about us. It’s a continuing thing and it’s all the ups and downs of being an unsigned. Being robbed in Miami, you know, winning competitions, losing competitions. Our story.

VKEIOS: How did it feel to win “Gimme the Gig II”?

Maurice: Awesome.
Johnny (to Polo): How did it feel to win?
Polo: Oh! That was awesome!
Johnny, you are a voice actor and a singer, if you had to choose?
Johnny: Singing.

VKEIOS: Does it ever get difficult to balance the two?

Johnny: Yea, but I enjoy them both, make room.

VKEIOS: Could you tell me why you’re described at the “heart” of the band?

Maurice: I guess cause I’m really hyper…and energy through everyone by annoying them.

VKEIOS: Is he really the annoying one?

Johnny: Sometimes.
Maurice: It said the heart?


Maurice: Thought it said spirit or something like that.

VKEIOS: Polo, what was it like, moving to a whole new country in your 20s to pursue your dream?
Polo: I was excited. But actually it was really hard. No one knows. I couldn’t book any shows. Then these guys picked me up.

VKEIOS: How did you get into Eyeshine?

Ginny: I was looking on Craig’s List…and it fit really well with what I was looking for. I auditioned and here I am.

VKEIOS: Where can fans purchase your music?

Polo: Website.

VKEIOS: Where do you all get inspiration from?

Maurice: Johnny does most of the writing. I would say most of the inspiration comes from life and struggles in the band. You can see that in his lyrics.
What is your songwriting process?
Johnny: It can be anything really. Sometimes I wake up and I have, I’ve been dreaming certain lyrics and I write them down. Sometimes I have a melody in my head and I’ll pick up my guitar and figure it out. So I find it and create something off of it. Usually I write whenever I’m going through something, whatever it is. Feel a little depressed, happy, excited, whatever . Then is I think the best moment to write.

VKEIOS: Where would you most like to perform if given the chance?

Maurice: Wrigley Stadium. London.

VKEIOS: What are some of the highlights of performing at conventions?

Maurice: There’s already a crowd there, usually.
Ginny: People are very receptive.
Johnny: A lot of people do go because they think it’s going to be stupid.
Maurice: Yeah.
Johnny: They think ‘O Power Ranger’s got a band. This is going to be dumb.’ It’s kind of a challenge for us to be like ‘Ok let’s not suck’. Let’s change their minds about us. But I also like that a lot of these guys that are at Anime conventions or comic conventions, there are a lot of people that haven’t been to concerts before. We find that a lot. So it’s kind of nice to be the first concert experience for so many people.
Obviously it’s all downhill from there.

VKEIOS: I certainly hope not! I look forward to your concert! Is there a single-most exciting thing that you’ve done as a band?

Maurice: We went to New Zealand. And now we’re playing at Australia.

VKEIOS: How do you hope Eyeshine’s music will influence aspiring musicians?

Johnny: Well hopefully our ‘never give up’ attitude will help people to continue. Hopefully some of our failures and mistakes will teach people what not to do. Hopefully the things that we do right, people will learn from and be able to get those things done right.That was actually one of the main reasons we did our web series. Because we wanted other artists, struggling artists to see what we’re doing right and wrong and learn from it. Cause there was nothing for us. I mean if there was something like that for us, then we would’ve been able to avoid a lot of the dumb things we did, make the proper choices. And so I think that putting stuff up there like that helps other people see and go ‘Ok. We could do this, or we could do this better. Or Eyeshine didn’t do this right. And we’re going to do it this way. And a lot of people are going to learn from our mistakes.

VKEIOS: What was it like to work with Don Was and Krish Sharma?

Johnny: Cool. I mean they’re legends. They’ve got resumes that could choke a horse. It’s great to be among the biggest list of artists…

VKEIOS: Have you ever portrayed a character that you felt Eyeshine’s music was well suited for?

Johnny: Yeah.

VKEIOS: Who would it be?

Johnny: We recorded music for it. We recorded the opening theme, but it got shelved. We can’t talk about it.

VKEIOS: Do you think it’ll ever get revived?

Johnny: No. But, we might get permission to start showing things and talking about it.

VKEIOS: How do you think your upbringing affected your music and your desire to play?

Maurice: Uh…man.
Ginny: Do you want? You know what, I can answer the question.

VKEIOS: Go ahead!

Ginny: My parents were really supportive of me playing music. They put me in private lessons and stuff ever since I was little. Community Orchestras, whatever I could find to play in

VKEIOS: That’s terrific! Having supportive people around you can really make a difference.

Ginny: Oh yeah. Music teachers, even my high school bands, that was great.

VKEIOS: Some say it’s difficult to join a band down the road, was it that way for you? Or did things seem to just click?

Ginny: It was hard at first, learning all the songs and being up to par with them. I mean it’s a lot of practice.

VKEIOS: What’s your musical background?

Ginny: I started on Violin when I was little. And then I moved on to stand-up Bass and electric Bass playing in Jazz Band. That’s how I learned to play the bass.

VKEIOS: Thank you for your time. Do you have any final thoughts for our readers?

Maurice: Check out, oh you already did YouTube.Like us on Facebook: Eyeshine Music. .

Closing out the interview, I listened with great amusement as they decided upon their very own “Visual Kei” sub-genre. The options ranging from “Visual A (for “America)” to “Visual EYE” but it was Johnny who delivered the final choice.

Johnny: We are “Audio-Kei”


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