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SURGE~ Interview


Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Would you introduce yourselves for our readers?

Dayrell: Hi, I’m Dayrell, SURGE~’s bassist.

Tai: Hi, I’m Goku, (LOL) Kidding. I’m Tai Kioshi, SURGE~’s drummer.

Smash: Hi, I’m Smash, Guitarrist. (^^)v

HiDeTo: Hi, I’m Hideto. I’m hungry and life is beautiful. (LOL)

Kazuki: Hey guys, I’m Kazuki Yagami, SURGE~’s vocalist and band leader. We are a visual rock band from Brazil. I hope you enjoy our music and our interview. I’m glad to be here.

Can you explain the meaning behind your name, SURGE~outofdesperation?

Kazuki: This name comes from one of Daisuke Ochida’s work when he was at kagerou. It translates the feeling inside our music and the way the we see the world. The way to type it reflects it too. “SURGE”, in caps lock, shows that is a big thing that comes instantly, taking us. After this emergence of feeling we look at ourselves, in despair, but there’s nothing to do and the peace from the death take us continuously. That’s why the rest of the name is written without spaces and with "~" before.

SURGE~ is influenced by the visual kei scene, and in particular angura and nagoya kei. What was it about these two sub-scenes that caught your interest?

Dayrell: Especially the sonority and visual.

Kazuki: Angura means underground. It fits us. We love the concept of angura kei of a “counter-culture” and the visuals and the unique sonority of Nagoya bands like lynch.. But, I think since when we started our work we are finding our “equilibrium point” catching influences from another J-Rock Visual Kei sub-scenes.

Could you tell us what your concert at Anime BH 2011 was like?

Smash: Was funny. HiDeTo was not yet at SURGE~ , but he was in the crowd. And I had three sutures at my hand. It was hard to play, but Anime BH was a milestone at our history.

Kazuki: We played very seriously at Anime BH, but as a band we were still unpretentious. It was the last show with our first formation, and more than this, was the show that the producer of our album saw us. I remember I tried to take off my jacket, but a cuff link pinned it on my shirt. I had serious problems before the last song to take out that crap. LOL

As a band, how do you feel you've changed since then?

Dayrell: I feel that we have always been growing since then. After this show a lot changed. That was when we focused on producing more of our own stuff.

HiDeTo: After Anime BH I’d joined the band and we become professional. The responsibilities have grown a lot since then.

Kazuki: Responsibilities, focus on originality and in music compositions, more exhausting routine of rehearsals and commitments and more opportunities for shows. And of course, the main link with the producer of our album and its recording. I think the most important is what did not change: our love for music and the visual has always remained the same.

After Anime BH 2011 you recorded an album, what can your fans expect to hear from it?

HiDeTo: There will be music! LOL

Kazuki: Shut up Hide! Well… We put all our feelings in the songs as a band and we created an album with a really interesting diversity of styles among the songs. The result was surprising even to the band itself. We had a few months of preparation, little time for implementation and limited financial resources and still managed to exceed the limit of the expected quality. I think we got a great proximity to the Japanese visual kei bands, but with our originality, which is a very interesting difference in this album. Fans can expect a great album. And we hope the fans enjoy it!

The album was produced by Robert Regonati, who has also worked with Tsubasa Imamura. Can you tell us what it was like to work with him?

Smash: It was a great experience to record their first album with an experienced producer like Robert. We gained security over time during the recordings thanks to him, which improved the final result. In addition, he gave a special touch to the music mixing and mastering. We were really very satisfied.

Kazuki: He was more than a professional. He became a highly esteemed friend. And working with a great producer who resides in Japan lead us to dream of a tour in Japan or countries that Tsubasa Imamura has performed.

HiDeTo: He was very strict and made us reach our limit spending sleepless nights practicing and working on our musical compositions.

While the album isn't out, SURGE~ does have a digital single and maxi-single out, both of which are available for free download on your website. How have these been received by the fans?

HiDeTo: Via download.

All: LOL

Kazuki: People always ask for the full album because they liked much of what was released. What I like most about this is that fans are divided between what their favorite song is. This shows a balance in musical compositions. But I still think that the work can be spread much more than it has been so far. So fans of the band, help us to spread our music all over the world!

SURGE~ won 1st place at a festival of bands held at PUC Minas University. What was it like to win such an award, especially since you were the only visual band performing?

HiDeTo:It was my first show after joining Surge~, so winning the award was a reward for all the effort and for overcoming the pressure it takes to join a band that lives in the moment, such as is the case with SURGE ~<.

Smash: Most of the crowd had a bad first impression when we arrived at the auditorium because almost everyone still did not know the style. When we started playing and our energy emanated, people were infected by this energy and began to support the band. It was magical. We conquered the audience with our feeling and the judges with our quality.

Kazuki: This award shows us that we can seek greater heights. We can present the public who are not typically fans of the style or styles alike. We believe that our music can be universal.

One of your songs, Kagerou, was written in dedication of Daisuke Ochida. Could you tell or readers a little bit about what the lyrics mean?

Kazuki: It's hard to say without getting emotional. Daisuke Ochida was my inspiration for everything since the beginning. I always said at rehearsals that my will was that our sound could reach him one day and he would say "good job" when listening, and at that moment I would feel fully realized. The news of his death shook me up a lot, but further reinforced the feeling of making music. "kagerou" is a tribute to him, a mix of feelings saddened by his loss and an emergence of a strong sense of resilience and determination to continue making music inspired by his feelings.


The smiley psychopath

Why the dragonfly's life has to be ephemeral?

Why you're gone?


Heart with pain

Heart with longing

And happy for all that you left us

Why you're gone?


Relax and let it with us

We will carry your ideas”

Out of all your songs, which one song would you recommend for a new fan to listen to?

Tai and Smash: Baioretto

Kazuki: Kagerou and Baioretto

Dayrell: Surge out of desperation, and when the album released they must listen to Shinda Tenshi ~Kamiko's Story~ .

HiDeTo: Kagerou, and when the album released they must listen to Blessed Trap.

Would you please tell us more about this song and why you recommend it?

Tai: Baioretto have the sonority that most stands out in my opinion.

Smash: Baioretto reflects SURGE~.

Dayrell: Surge out of desperation has the name of the band, so, the lyrics says how we think and who we are. And Shinda Tenshi~Kamiko’s Story~ has a very cool melodic depth, fans need check this when full album be released.

HiDeTo: Kagerou brings a harmonically eccentric side, and blends Japanese and Brazilian musical elements. Blessed Trap (will be on full album) I recommend the musical complexity and the piano melody.

Kazuki: Baioretto and kagerou for the reasons mentioned above.

You've done several covers from J-rock bands. What motivates you to want to cover a song?

Kazuki: It is a form of tribute to bands that inspire us. It is motivating to bring a bit of our sound and feelings for these bands to our audience. Be it because they know these songs, or to make up for a lack of shows in Brazil by Japanese bands. However, we sing our way, with our feelings, and this mixture creates a unique situation.

Which song, that you’ve covered, holds the most meaning to you, and why?

Kazuki,Tai, Smash, Dayrell: kagerou - R-Shitei!
Kazuki: Yeah! R-Shitei was really exciting. It took us nine months to get ready  our first show. You could say that we were pregnant of the first show. (LOL) And since the first month we played R-Shitei. Unfortunately during the preparation we received the tragic news of the death of Daisuke Ochida. It was the last song played at our first show. The atmosphere was special, we were all very excited, especially Tai, Kioshi, and myself. I'll never do that again some screams and a performance like that. I hardly remember what happened during the song, it was like I was on another plane.

Hideto: I was not at that show, so for me it's Cassis, because it was the first song played at my first rehearsal with the band.

On the same subject of meaningfulness, what about original songs?

All: Baioretto

Kazuki: In a concert shortly after the release of the single Baioretto I asked how many people had heard it. I was surprised, because 80% raised their hands. It's the song that was first released, the song will be our first promotional video and our music is better known today.

What should fans expect from SURGE~ in the future?

HiDeTo: Music, performances, new visual. The future is tomorrow, it is not now. So, future not arrived yet. But the past was before, but if the future is not now, now is the past, because ...

Kazuki: LOL, Shut up Hide! Yeah! Fans can expect a good job. We are striving hard and fighting against several types of difficulties to finally launch our album and our PV. Unfortunately a lot of problems prevented us from doing much of what we expected in this year 2012. But fans of ~ SURGE, keep supporting us, for there are many good things to come. New songs, new look, our PV, bigger shows. Let's stand together and show our strength!

Thank you again for the opportunity. Do you have any closing comments?

Dayrell: For those who like us, keep supporting us! For those who do not know us yet, I hope you enjoy!

Smash: There's nothing that can stop us grow if our fans and friends are with us. Wait for good news, keep following us!

Tai: We will make our music reach a level we never imagined! We will train and work hard for you who support us!

Kazuki: We are reformulating our PV and probably we'll record it at the end of October. Furthermore, we are negotiating about five shows for the next months. We will make a great show at Anime Festival BH 2012, Nov. 18 in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and here is some news that we have not disclosed before: At Anime Festival 2012, and only there, we sell a special CD with tracks from Baioretto, Zetsubou in Iro and an unreleased song. And next year we will do a show at Ultimate Anime Rio (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), but we still haven’t confirmed the date(probably March). Keep supporting us! Go go go ~ SURGE!

HiDeTo: I’m hungry, the end. (LOL)

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