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Re:born Interview

1. Hello, and thank you for this opportunity! Could you introduce yourselves for our readers?

Hizu: Hi, I’m re:born’s vocalist Hizu.

Ayashi: Hello dears, Keyboardist Ayashi.

Ruka: Hi, I’m Ruka, I play guitar and I want to show my potential.

Shou: Hi, I'm the bass-player, Shou.

Himura: Hi I’m Himura on Drums.

2. How did everyone become interested music?

Hizu: I've always liked music and singing, and then I wanted to try it.

Ayashi: I’ve always like to express myself through art, and music is one type of it.

Ruka: I think my interest came 5 years ago when I first met Hizu and we decided to make Visual Kei band.

Shou: I used to see musicians and I wanted to be one.

Himura: In the beginning it was only to have fun with some friends.

3. Please share with us the story about how Re:Born formed.

Re:BORN: We live in a place where being successful with a band is not an easy thing, but then we see in each other the strength to break the frontiers and make it worth it.

4. In December, 「Paradox」 was released. Could you tell our readers a little bit about this song?

Re:BORN: 「 Paradox」 was a song written to express lived moments and as a critical song to our society laws; that we can get into a “paradox” when the laws can’t help us.

5. Soon you will be releasing, 「From the Abyss」. What can you tell us about this maxi-single?

Re:BORN: The concept of「From the Abyss」 is based on 3 stages of the emotions that people pass through when something important ends, maybe their life?
We were inspired by important changes in our lives to compose these songs.

6. Where can fans go to purchase your music?

Re:BORN: We will release a digital type, which you can download it for free, and a CD type with a bonus track that you can buy on

7. Can you tell us about Re:Born’s upcoming lives concerts? Where will you be performing?

Re:BORN: We are about to have a live gig at Santana do Livramento, near the border with Uruguay, and negotiating other live concerts.

8. Please tell us something about the person sitting next to you that might take your fans by surprise.

Shou: Himura’s my drinkin’ buddy. He is a really cheerful person and he is always in a good mood. We have a lot in common.

Himura: Ruka is a very fun friend to be with. When we meet, the laughter never ends.

Ruka: He lives in my house. *laughs* For some reason I treat Ayashi in a more delicate way than the other members. Must be because he is fragile.

Ayashi: About Hizu? Talking with him is a hobby. I do not know people who are stubborn and cute at the same time as he is. He’s a strange guy ... * laughs *

Hizu: Well…. Shou is… one of my best friends, we have known each other for a long time, he likes to break the borders with his opinion and I admire that in him. He likes bacon.

9. What are some hidden talents that everyone has?

Hizu: I can play acoustic guitar.

Himura: I can draw.

Shou: I can cook.

Ayashi: I like writing stories and singing at home, but I do not think I do them very well. I'm not very interesting. * laugh *

Ruka: I’m good at RPG (Role Playing Game) systems and I'm creative at making histories. I’ve already thought about being a Mangaka, but I wouldn’t have future with that *laughs*

10. Do you have any closing comments for our readers?

Re:BORN: We hope you appreciate our new CD and let our scream get into the bottom of your mind.

To find out more about  Re:BORN, check out these links~!

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And be sure to listen to the preview of 「From the Abyss」 ~!


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This interview was conducted by Michelle R. Gaynor (Tenten), the queen of random and sparkles.

Jointly edited by Michelle and Alicia R. Thomas, the corseted cupcake.

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