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Interview with heidi. at Anime Weekend Atlanta



All: Hello [English]

Nice to meet you!

All: Nice to meet you [English]


Could we begin with an introduction and highlight from your time in Atlanta thus far?

Yoshihiko: I’m the vocalist, Yoshihiko, and here in Atlanta I was able to eat a big steak.

Nao: I’m the guitarist, Nao. I was also able to enjoy a steak. [laughs]

Kohsuke: I’m the bassist Kohsuke, and I was able to go to the aquarium. I really enjoyed it.

Kiri: I’m the drummer, Kiri. I was able to go to the aquarium as well.


Kiri, you celebrated your birthday here in Georgia. Was that part of your celebration?

Kiri: I did have my birthday here, but I didn’t go to the aquarium to celebrate. I just really wanted to go to enjoy it and check it out. Kohsuke-san and I went together and when we were at the aquarium, Kohsuke-san did give me the present of a t-shirt. It was very lovely.



At yesterday’s panel you spoke of the enthusiastic fans at AM2 last year, though the concert is still yet to come, are you feeling the same level of energy that you felt from the fans in Anaheim?

Nao: We’ll play our concert tonight, so it’s really kind of hard to compare or make any generalizations like that, but by going to the signings and panels, the energy is really good.  What we’ve really been impressed with is the cosplay. The level is really high and intricate; I’m blown away by it.


You have been together since 2006, was there anything in particular, that you felt was a key to your success over the years, aside from excellent music?

Kiri: Of course the music, first and foremost, but outside of that, we all share the same vision of what kind of band we want to be in. We get along great, that goes without saying, but beyond that we all have the same vision and goal… this is what we want to do.

Kohsuke: I agree that we share the same goals; another thing that I think is important is that we don’t hold back, we’re honest with each other.


heidi. falls under the category of "angura kei.” When forming was this intentional or was it something later coined?

Nao: In the beginning we did have that kind of vision, something dark like that, but now we’re past that and don’t really think about it anymore. Maybe that influence is still there, but right now we feel we’ve evolved past that.


Though this is something that you’ve moved past, in the beginning did you have difficulty breaking into the Visual Kei scene?

Nao: Of course not, we were good at it! [laughs]


Before I discuss your new album, I'd like to briefly ask about the origin of “Heizo.” (heidi.'s mascot)

Kohsuke: When we realized it, he was there. He just appeared!


Yoshihiko: You need to give a little more serious answer!

[more laughter]

Kohsuke: Of course we did talk about having something other than a logo that represents what we’re about as a band.…. but it’s still true that he just appeared! [laughs]


Your new album Alpha contains songs with a fresh new sound. Was experimenting with new sounds challenging or was it something that came naturally?

Nao: We went with a new producer for this album. Working with someone new there were a few issues here and there, nothing serious, about fusing his opinions with our ideas, so maybe you can say that might have been a struggle, but beyond that, nothing.


Two weeks ago Alpha’s tracks were uploaded to your official YouTube. Was the advance preview well received by the fans?

Kiri: The response that we’ve been getting from the fans has been great. It seems like a greatly different direction, but people seem to like it and that’s very encouraging and inspiring for us.


heidi.’s look has a strong impact, yet it feels effortless.  Do you take time to coordinate your outfits, or choose a theme?

Nao: It’s natural. It’s not really planned or preconceived, just what we think looks good on us. It just turns out that as we try to express ourselves through our clothing we as a band start to take on this look. So it’s been a very natural process.


Speaking of clothing, what was it like collaborating with Sixh./Mint Neko? Was it a very involved process?

Kiri: We get along great with Mint, he’s someone that we can talk honestly with, and have discussions with. We really enjoyed collaborating with him.


Tonight’s performance will be your first since Alpha’s release. Do you feel nervous to play these tracks for the first time, or does it give you a feeling of excitement?

Nao: Although this is the first time (to play these new tracks) we’re not really nervous about it, it’s the reverse; we’re excited. We can’t wait to get out there and see what kind of performance it’s going to be and how the fans will react. We’re really looking forward to playing tonight.


I’m really looking forward to attending!

All: Thank you! [English]


To close out, are there any last statements you would like to add?

Yoshihiko: This is our second time playing overseas, so from the bottom of our hearts we want the fans to enjoy our music. We want to put on a performance that everyone will remember us for. We want to develop into a band that’s so good that we constantly get invited to come back over here, because we enjoy it so much and we love the energy we get from being here.


Thank you very much!

All: Thank you! [English]


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For more photos from heidi.'s concert at Anime Weekend Atlanta [ CLICK HERE ]


Many thanks to heidi.'s management for graciously presenting Visual KEIOS with a copy of heidi.'s new album「アルファ」(Alpha)

We’re giving this CD, autographed by each of the four members, to one lucky reader this CD!

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Share your thoughts about heidi. with us, tell us which song or album of their's is your favorite, where you’d like to see them perform a live concert, anything you love about heidi. – and you’ll be entered to win!


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Contest Closed - Congratulations to our winner Steven!

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heidi. new album「アルファ」released 2012.9.19

Purchase your copy of「アルファ」at CDJapan

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This interview with heidi. was conducted by Alicia R. Thomas (ARThomas)

Visual KEIOS would like to give a special thank you to heidi. for speaking with us, as well as their management Tanahashi-san and representatives Yaz and Rubab for coordinating this interview and sponsoring the prize for this giveaway, and lastly, special thanks to the translator, Jeff.

Stay tuned for more coverage of heidi. at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

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  1. Absolutely loved their show at AWA. My favorite song they performed live was Charles - it was full of so much emotion and power that I felt so pulled into the music.

  2. Hope they keep doing concerts in the U.S. and across the world!

  3. I saw heidi. at AM2 last year and they were amazing - I really hope they are able to return to the U.S. again soon to play to more fans! :)

  4. Hello! I'd really like to have that CD. I love heidi. and it's my favourite band. I always have wanted all their discography, and their autographs ^^ I'm crazy about they, I've seen all their videos and listened all their songs. I like so much their music style, their way of be, and their looks too. I'd like to buy all their CD's and goods but i can't do it because I'm not from Japan :( so I'd like so much to have this CD.
    Are essential songs to me: Rem, Yokan, Tsubasa, Loop, Synchro... but I have other favourites too as: Daze, Ao no Sekai, Last Piece, Little Garden, Ennui, Sixth Sense, Star Rain... and many more! I couldn't choose just one :)
    I live in Spain, if heidi. came here I would be so happy ^^
    I hope you have success!

  5. Kiri is my favorite! ^_^ He shook my hand at AWA after I gave him a drawing I drew of him for his birthday :D

  6. Heidi. is awesome!!!  In particular, I really like their song "loop."  The visuals in the PV remind me of how people have/can have a pattern of sleep and sleeplessness.  It definitely stood out to me, since I have struggled with insomnia since I was a baby.  I would definitely like to see them perform at AWA, since I wasn't able to attend this year, due to my dog possibly having a contagious skin condition (Luckily, his skin has cleared up, and we think it's just from allergies, but we wanted to be very careful just in case.).

  7. love this band SO much & seeing them saturday on AWA was the best night of my LIFE!!! i came all the way from cali to see them & i really really want them to come back soon i'm hoping for a full american tour!!! PLEASE!!

  8. Heidi rocks!! I want them in Mexico XD

  9. I live in Florida and I was so sad that I couldnt go to anime weekend atlanta to see them -pouts- I seriously hope they will be back soon. Like really soon, a year is too long... come back right now!! XDD


  10. heidi. are my number one favorite band. To be honest, they played quite a large part in why I moved to Japan. Crazy, I know. But they are just that awesome. I do not know how many times I have rammed my head into the wall, regretting that I didn't go see heidi. at AM2 for their American debut. I had the opportunity. I even lived in Oregon for god's sake!!! It's only one state away!!! What is wrong with me... I definitely couldn't go see them at AWA because I am now living in Japan. The only thing I regret is that they don't take pictures with fans in Japan. It sucks. (Are you listening heidi. you should do it in Japan too!!!!!)

    But I'm so happy to read that they were so well-received in America, and that people gave them such warm welcomes and rave reviews. I know they are planning to go back to America, so I hope they go back at the same time I'm in America (cross my fingers).

    I discovered heidi. in 2008 when I first listened to Rem. I immediately looked for all their other releases. But it's not just heidi.'s music.. the members themselves are wonderful people. A lot of bands have problems because one member or the other want to go in a different direction. But heidi. members are so in tune with each other, and get along so well, you can see it when you watch them together. And they are incredibly kind and caring with their fans as well. I'm gonna start crying in a minute here lol trying to describe how much I love them.

    Suffice it to say, I love all the members of heidi., and I love every single one of their songs, and they are the only band I can say that about.

  11. I just love heidi. They are my inspiration and my biggest dream in the world is to see them live. And I'm sure I will see them some day. I really don't have long text to write about it: I just love them from all my heart. It would be nice to see them in Finland, but if they just visit in Europe would be awesome as well. My absolute favorite song from Alpha is 追憶(Tsuioku). Even that I don't know the lyrics there's something in this song what makes my heart beat faster. Love you and keep on rocking ♥

  12. Antonopoulou Ourania9/11/12 01:56

    heidi. is my favourite Visual Kei band i just love their music it is soo inspiring

  13. Heidi is my first Jrock band that I know thanks to Anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama^^ They also brought me to the Jrock world! Arigatou Heidi-sama.. My most favorite songs of Heidi is Yokan and Utakata, it'll stuck in my head whenever I saw or heard their pic and news.. My favorite member of Heidi is Nao, he's soo Kakoii~! Awesome with his guitar! and that's the reason why I like Yokan and Utakata, the guitar part is Awesome! Arigatou Heidi-sama~

  14. heidi. is an exceptional band. Why? Generally, I am more into post-hardcore and hardrock-bands, with hard guitar riffs and "melodic noise". Considering J-Rock I love bands like Sel'm, Girugamesh, Sadie, D'espairs Ray and so one... but I listen to heidi. for a long time now already and I'm so in love with their music. I think their style is quite unique and lots of people who do or do not listen to J-Rock related music agree with me that heidi. has catchy music that can't be put into the standard category of "Indie" music. I listened to their very first single "Hakuchuumu" shortly after its release by coincidence and I fell in love with Yoshihiko's voice and the melody of the song. But I can't remember any time that I fangirled about a particular member, they are simply a music entity to me, a pretty flawless music entity. But still, although they are making brilliant music for about 6 years now, they still seem to be "Underdog" band and way too underrated, so I am really happy that they are able to perform outside Japan, though I really appreciate their modest attitutde. I'd love them to come to Europe, though, since I do not live in the USA. I wait for that to happen for quite a time now, technically since they signed a contract to publish their CDs (it was a lousy single one, I wanted them all!) here. My favourite song? Picking favourites is always hard but besides Hakuchuumu I'd say "Tsubasa", "Ashita he" and "Loop". I wish heidi. to continue their great work for another 6 years at least and rise up without being drowned into the mainstream mishmash that doesn't make hold before anything in any country.

    I hope those who were able to attend the concert are happy and made heidi. happy and... good luck for the future, heidi.! :)

  15. I have to confess, that I don't know heidi. for years, like other ones do, but I think a fan is a fan, no matter how long you are listening to the band ^^ By happenstance I listend to their song "Utakata", from the first second it totally blowed my mind. I was like " Why didn't I listend to it earlier??" And now they are one of my favorite bands ♥ I hope that I can visit one of their concerts someday, or that they will make a europe-tour :3 If I had to choose my favorite songs, I would say Parade & Utakata, but it's really hard to say which is the best one, because all their songs are awesome in their own way ♥

  16. I really liked kanata and it would be awesome if there was a pv for it :3

  17. .heidi is <3 I followed .heidi for a few years now and I absolutely love them! My dream was to meet .heidi and it came true last year at AM^2. I was so excited to meet them! Their concert was amazing but a lot of people rushed to the front and I was dragged along with the crtowd. Thank goodness my seat was in the front row X3 I went to their panel, and autograph signing along with the meet and greet which I really enjoyed ( ^ - ^ )

    Honestly, I don't have a favorite song or album because I enjoy all of their songs. I find each of their songs unique which makes me love them. I really hope they come back to AM^2 so I can meet them once again and hear them play again!

    I really hope to see and meet .heidi again~ Good luck and happiness will come to them for many years to come!

  18. umm... I didn't say my favorite song. My favorite song right now is tsuioku from Alpha. I also love Shinda Sekai. I love how Yoshi puts so much emotion into those songs. Also, I'm just commenting to show support for heidi. I don't think I should win or anything, cause I live in Japan.

  19. I really wished I could have gone to see them, so hopefully they can come to Canada!


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