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Rock supergroup ZIGZO, which includes former members of MALICE MIZER, L’Arc~en~Ciel and BY-SEXUAL, will release its first new studio album in ten years on October 10th.

Titled THE BATTLE OF LOVE, it will contain twelve tracks. Little has been revealed about the direction of the album, but song titles that have been announced include Day By Day, Adrenaline Drive, I’m in Love, SUPER CHARGER STAR and Hello, I Love You. Further information is expected to be revealed soon.

Source: JaME



Having performed at Sakura-Con in Seattle, WA, earlier this year, Moi dix Mois have announced their first ever Latin America tour for September.

Titled Tetsugaku no kakera - Chapter Six ~ Latin América Tour, the tour will kick off on 21st September in Chile and will then take the band to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

In addition to this, Moi dix Mois have just released their second 10th anniversary photo book, Philosophy II. The 48-page book features photos from their anniversary concerts and Manas birthday concert from March this year, as well as comments on the songs included in their latest album, Reprise, from all band members.

Source: JaME



On July 21st, MIYAVI held his premium live, ‘DAY 1‘, at Kinema Club in Tokyo.

For the guest act, OKAMOTO’S took the stage to warm up the crowd. Although tickets were already sold out before their appearance was confirmed, they excited MIYAVI fans with their powerful performance.

Then, MIYAVI and drummer BOBO performed a total of 18 songs for a 2-hour long concert. Because this concert was broadcast live via YouTube, MIYAVI sang straight into the camera, and spoke in English for his fans overseas.

During the encore, MIYAVI revealed that he’s currently working on a new mini-album which is set for release this fall. This will be a part of his collaboration project, ‘SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES‘, that he launched last year.

At the same time, it was announced that MIYAVI will be releasing a photo book called ‘Gekkan Men MIYAVI‘. This photo book will carry the same concept as his ‘SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES’ project. The photos will be taken by “samurai” photographer Nitta Keichi, who was also in charge of filming and photography for this concert.

Stay tuned for more details on MIYAVI’s upcoming releases!

Source: Tokyohive



On August 15th, D=OUT will be releasing their new mini album "high collar" in three different versions, where as the so called "Chuuka Version" will include six cover songs, which have already been gathering quite a bit of attention.

Among those songs is Mikawa Kenichi's enka track "Sasoriza no Onna" and the artist had been appearing at the recording studio at one point, when hearing about D=OUT's cover plans.

"It's not a joke when I am saying that they didn't have permission and selfishly started recording." Mikawa said. "However, even though I say they didn't have permission (after hearing it), they have chosen a good song, so I am supporting this!"

"At first I was really nervous, but when Mikawa found a liking for our (version) of 'Sasoriza no Onna' I was really happy." Vocalist Kouki admitted. "I would like to perform together with Mikawa at some point if possible...maybe?"

Who know, maybe this unusual cooperation could really come true...

Source: musicJAPANplus (visit the original article for information about D=OUT's upcoming mini-album "high collar")



Somehow, it slipped our radar, but in early June TRIGGAH posted about guitarist AIKA, bassist TAKE, and drummer YUSUKE leaving the band and a subsequent hiatus following. Their last live with their current members is actually taking place as we write this.

The official OHP message is as follows:

Thank you for always supporting TRIGGAH. This year, the single “DAZZLE” was released, and it was a full year of turning points. We celebrated our first anniversary, we had the TRIGGAH-sponsored “BREAK OUT BULLET CHANGED THE WORLD” event, and many fans came. During our progression, we came to a result from talks between the members, and reached the conclusion that Gt.AIKA, Ba.TAKE, and Dr.YUSUKE will leave the band. Along with that, it has been decided that TRIGGAH will pause activities as a band. TRIGGAH was able to stay active thanks to everyone who kept listening, supporting, and loving the band. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For activities from here on, we will proceed to inform everyone on the official site and also on member blogs, soon. To all of the fans who have supported us this far, we’re sorry to keep you waiting, but please give your unyielding support to the members’ new challenges from now on.

June 2012, unspecified day



Source: Shattered-Tranquility (visit the original article for parting messages from hajime, AIKA, YUSUKE and TAKE)



9GOATS BLACK OUT have announced that they will be disbanding this coming spring.

The following announcement was posted on the band’s OHP:

An Announcement regarding the end of our activities

To everyone that has been supporting 9GOATS BLACK OUT,

At the beginning of spring, 2013, 9GOATS BLACK OUT will be ending their activities, and therefore disbanding.

Before the end of the year, we will be releasing a new album, and in the beginning of 2013, will be having oneman lives in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. From there we will have our last live, and put an end to our activities.

The album details are still undecided, but when the time comes we will make an announcement about the album as well as the details to the other events.

In the five or so years we’ve been together, we’ve been able to create a sound that’s unique to 9GOATS BLACK OUT, and we’re grateful to everyone who has grown to love our way of seeing the world.

As the members intend to put their feelings into the final release, please understand that they will not be replying to any questions or comments.

We hope that you will continue to support 9GOATS BLACK OUT to the end.

Source: Shattered-Tranquility (visit the original article for 9GOATS' 2013 tour dates, including the date of their last live)


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