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July Feature - BUCK-TICK




For our hardcore Visual Kei fans out there BUCK-TICK will be a familiar favorite, but some of those new to the VK scene may not know of their musical genius nor their historical importance to the Visual Kei genre. The Featured Artists for July happen to be Visual Kei legends, whom I'm sure many of our readers grew up rocking out to

Buck-Tick formed in 1983, and is considered by most to be one of the founding members of Visual Kei along with the groups X Japan, Color, and D'erlanger. Influences of the group include David Bowie, Love & Rockets, the Sex Pistols, Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Stalin, Led Zeppelin, and The Clash.  For over 25 years since the band switched vocalists in 1985 the groups members have remained the same – Atsushi Sakurai as vocalist, Hisashi Imai on guitar, Hidehiko Hoshino on guitar, Yutaka Higuchi on bass, and Toll Yagami on drums.

The group is famous for it's experimentation both stylistically and musically, and has regularly branched out into other genres infusing it's music with everything from goth and punk to glam-rock. The great thing about BUCK-TICK is that the band is always growing, as the members grew as musicians their lyrics and melodies became more and more impressive. Impacted by tragic periods in their lives – Albums such as Taboo and  Aku no Hana contained darker themes and which inspired a whole movement in the Visual Kei scene.

For a taste of aome of BUCK-TICK's earlier works, watch the following video Dress which anime fans will most likely recognize as the theme song from Trinity Blood

Throughout their long career BUCK-TICK never became overly commercial. The band decided early on that they wanted complete control on their image, music, and productions . Most labels thought they were crazy, yet when we look back at their style and see the impact it had on the modern Japanese music industry I can't help thinking that they were utterly brilliant. Famous fans of BUCK-TICK include Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution), Kyo from Dir en Grey,  Kiyoharu from Sads, and Tatsurou from Mucc. Which illustrates how the band and their music inspired another generation of Visual Kei rockers!

Fans are  currently waiting on pins and needles for the groups newest release which hits stores on July 4th, 2012. Add to that the upcoming BUCK-TICK Fest 2012 on Parade Tour and there really is no question as to why Visual Keios made them our Featured Artist for July!

Below you'll find Buck-Tick's latest release from May – Elise no tame ni .  You can clearly see the change the band has undergone musically and stylistically compared to Dress. I must also warn you their latest release is very catchy!



 BUCK-TICK's Official Website  - Official Twitter Account - BUCK-TICK ON PARADE 2012








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