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Interview with OZ at A-Kon 23


Sunday, June 3rd - after a full weekend of activities at A-Kon 23, I had the opportunity to sit down with the members of OZ for an interview concerning their first US appearance, as well as some of their latest releases. With the thought of their concert still fresh in my mind, my opening question was obvious;

VKEIOS: How was Friday night’s concert?

Aki: Awesome! (in English)

Natsuki: Outstanding! (in English)

VKEIOS: And how were the autograph sessions – did you enjoy meeting all of your fans?

Nao: Before we came, our only interaction with the fans was through the internet or letters, so we were very happy to actually talk with our fans.

VKEIOS: I’d like to talk about your latest single, STIGMA, which is available in three different types - is there a different stigma that each version represents?

Natsuki: The coupling song of each version is the special difference, and because of that, the feeling that they’ll get after listening to each version will be different. That was our intent. By listening to all three CDs the listener will discover the true color of OZ.

VKEIOS: Which of your songs best embodies the bands concept of "Beauty and Decadence"?

Natsuki: The song that currently represents this the most is our latest song STIGMA.

VKEIOS: You covered Haruka by Pierrot for the "Counteraction" compilation - what band would you like to see cover an OZ song one day?

Tama: Korn!

VKEIOS: What's the process of recording a cover song like in comparison to your own original creations?

Nao: All the songs we’ve covered are our favorite songs from a young age, and because of that, when recording we tried not to break so much of the original but just tried to add a little bit of a taste from OZ.

VKEIOS: On June 17th you'll begin your oneman tour - "STIGMA ~ The mark left on you ~" what kind of mark do you want to leave on your fans?

Aki: The single that came out before STIGMA was Souga, meaning like 'Jaws and claws'. That’s the natural weapon that humans have, and STIGMA also means like a scar. Throughout our upcoming tour we would like to see these scars that we left and we would like to make more scars.

VKEIOS: How has it been performing at an event with AYABIE?

Natsuki: We’ve played with AYABIE before during a bigger tour in Japan, so to be able to play with them again; we were looking forward to it very much. We had a lot of fun playing with them, talking and making friends, we were really happy to be with AYABIE. We always get lots of inspiration from them and we’re good rivals, so we have a really good friendship.

VKEIOS: Do you have any closing messages for the readers at Visual KEIOS?

Natsuki: We were very much looking forward to performing in the United States, it was a part of our dream, so we were really happy to play and meet our fans overseas. For all the readers, please keep following our band, sending your messages and please request for us to come to your hometown.

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For photos from -OZ-'s concert, please [ click here ]


Babel Entertainment graciously presented Visual KEIOS with a copy of OZ's limited album (a seven track album specifically produced for A-Kon) which each of the members signed!

We’re giving one lucky reader this signed CD, for a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below.

Tell us your favorite song by OZ, where you’d like to see them perform, share any thoughts about OZ - and you’ll be entered to win!

Contest CLOSED as of June 30th

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winner - Cleo Yaz!

Keep up with -OZ- at the following links; Official Website - Youtube

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Purchase their latest single「STIGMA」at CDJapan [ A Type ]  [ B Type ]  [ C Type ]

To hear OZ's cover of Pierrot's Haruka, pick up your copy of;

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This interview with OZ was conducted by Alicia R. Thomas (ARThomas) 

Visual KEIOS would like to give a special thanks to OZ for speaking with us, to Babel Entertainment for coordinating this interview and sponsoring the prize for this giveaway, and also a special thank you to the translator George Kaiho.

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