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May Feature - Acid Black Cherry


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Acid Black Cherry  or A.B.C.  was founded  in 2007 by former Janne Da Arc vocalist Yasu and has for many years been a personal favorite of mine! Supporting Yasu with his solo project are several notable musicians from other successful bands. Currently the line up for A.B.C includes Yasu as vocalist, Yuki (Aucifer) and  Akihide (BREAKERZ) on guitar, Jun-ji (Siam Shade, ex-GACKTJOB) on drums and Shuse (La'cryma Christi) on bass. I find that this is in keeping with the typical tradition of Visual Kei bands, who's members often work on solo projects with other successful musicians from other bands. While Acid Black Cherry does not have the notoriety like other super-groups such as S.K.I.N. it does have longevity which is more then most Japanese super-groups can say. In my opinion at least A.B.C. is currently the best group project by J-rock and Visual Kei musicians on the market, which is why Visual Keios has made them May's Artist of the Month.'


The only complaint I've ever had with the project is that I've wanted more releases, and my prayers were answered this March when Acid Black Cherry released their 3rd full length album entitled 2012 on the 21st and I dare you to find a  track on it that you don't like! The release of 2012 gave Acid Black Cherry their first #1 ever on the Oricon Weekly Album charts. It is in my mind one of the best Japanese Rock Albums I've heard in years and I strongly recommend it to all lovers of Japanese Music. Favorite tracks on the album are - #4 Pistol, #13 Chou/ Butterfly, #15 Iesu/ Yes  and #16 Shangri-la. There were 2 DVD+CD sets released each with their own cover-art, along with an album only CD released. Bellow you'll find the track list for the album as well as the official Album PV from the bands Official YouTube Channel.!


2012 Album Track List:

  1. ~until~

  2. Fallin' Angel

  3. in the Mirror

  4. ピストル (Pisutoru, Pistol)

  5. 少女の祈りIII ~『2012』ver.~ (Shoujo no Inori III, A Girl's Prayer III)

  6. Re:birth

  7. 指輪物語 (Yubiwa Monogatari, Tale of The Ring)


  9. ~the day~

  10. その日が来るまで (Sono Hi ga Kuru Made, Until The Day Comes)

  11. so…Good night.

  12. doomsday clock

  13. 蝶 (Chou, Butterfly)

  14. イエス (Iesu, Yes)

  15. シャングリラ (Shangurira, Shangri-La)

  16. ~comes~


For those of you new to Acid Black Cherry I suggest watching the following video as an introduction - 'Black Cherry'. This song cemented A.B.C.'s place in my heart and has the notoriety of being voted the "Dirtiest Song in Japan" Not only is it entertaining to watch, but the music is a fusion of rock, pop, and what I can only describe as big-band era sound. The fact that the song itself is all about sex, and from the female perspective only adds to the appeal in my mind. This very talented group is little known outside of Japan, so it's up to us as fans to help create a strong fan base through word of mouth. I really encourage all of our readers to listen to A.B.C. and share their greatness with friends!  - utahimesama


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This Monthly Feature article was written by Ashlee (utahimesama)
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