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Interview with MASA of Ant1nett


1. Hello, we’re happy to have you! To begin, could you please introduce yourself?

Nice to meet u! me is piCa!

2. Could you tell us about how Ant1nett first formed? Who approached whom?

Me and our bassist came from Sanbika. This is a band in my teenage days.

3. How does Ant1nett differ from its predecessor band, Sanbika?

Some members were changed, but piCca concept never changed.

4. What was the meaning behind the band’s previous name, “Runa”?

It's just from sounds naming. Anyway, we wanted to act overseas, but Sanbika (賛美歌) was just written in kanji back then.

5. Is there a story behind the decision to change the band’s name to Ant1nett?

We are strange, but we wish to just be only one. Because of this we used 1.

6. Are there any differences between Runa and Ant1nett, in terms of style or sound?

Our performance and arrangement became more stylish than before.

7. Which Ant1nett song is your favorite and why?

Kamikaze et Luna, the bass line is exciting!

8. You classify your music as J-rock Visual Emo since 2010. What did you consider yourselves before?

We are not just one of jrock/visual. We think so, at least. But often we have to say about our "category", and we said so… 2010 is Ant1nett’s birth.

9. You talk about wanting to “do a people’s revolution”. What kind of revolution do you want to create?

U can look my revolution -

10. Do you write all the lyrics and music or does everyone contribute?

Yup! piCa composes everything for Ant1nett

11. I love the band’s logo. Who created it, and what was the inspired behind it?

Made in France. The designer is Cath. She is my friend on FB.

12. Who takes the photos on your facebook and deviantART pages? They are very artistic!

Organizer of all the world with fans.

13. Excluding Ant1nett’s predecessor bands, have you done any work in other bands, or solo?

Yup! piCa sometimes wants be alone. Because my mind is similar as kitty.

14. Ant1nett seems like a very fun band - are there any fun facts that might take the fans by surprise?

Because me has a country, USSP

15. What is the story behind “piCa-san”?

Japanese fans gave me a kawaii pika-chu on April 1st 1998. And I became piCa-san.

16. Speaking of piCa, it says on your page that piCa’s uni subject is History?

piCca Sanbika days, me was in history school and finally I could graduate uni YAY

17. Marie Antoinette, a Queen of France and Marc Chagall, an artist, are listed as your main influences - how have they influenced you?

I think Hollywood has just show-biz… I would like to be a more artistic like Marc Chagall. But I don't wanna be a capitalist like Marie Antoinette. Because me is a communist. I have respected persons who beat Marie Antoinette.

18. Do you have any other influences? If so, who or what are they?

Nothing especially…

19. Could you each tell us your favorite thing to do in time off?

Driving yellow car

20. What have you done in your career that you are most proud of - any special moments you’ll never forget?

Feb 26th, 2006 in Seoul, Korea. This was the first time we could do a big concert in other country.

21. What is your favorite part of being a musician?

Music composing

22. If you weren’t a musician, what career would you have chosen?

Teacher or dirty politician

23. Your world tour ends in May. How has the journey been? Do you have plans for another one in the near future?

Umm... me is not sure about the next tour. We could enjoy our 1st world tour, at least it just now has been love from many fans. But I will think something after this time.

24. What has been your favorite country to visit for each of you?

USA and Russia... but I wanted to visit USSR

25. Which countries would you still like to see, or see more of?

Asian tour, and I wanna go ex-Communist zone

26. How do you communicate with fans that do not speak the same languages as you do, especially when in their countries?

Sex, Drug and Rock'n’Roll… but we're not junkies, u know?

27. Are you excited to be performing at Anaheim? Will you be performing more in the US in the future?

Yup! Of course!

28. What does each of you hope to do in the future?

piCa wanna sing same songs as now on the Silk Road

29. Please tell us how fans can purchase your music?

We will sell some CDs at AM2

30. Thank you guys for doing this interview! Do you have any last words for your fans?

See u soon in Anaheim! Then, let's enjoy together!

Keep up with Ant1nett on the following websites;

Facebook - DeviantArt

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This interview was conducted by Kaitlin Maginnis (Rain)


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