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Interview with Daisuke Tsutsui - Galaxy 7



- Thank you for taking time from your schedule for this interview. May we please begin with a brief introduction?

Hi! This is Galaxy 7 from Tokyo, Japan! My name is Daisuke Tsutsui.

- Tell us about your musical background prior to your current solo project.

Genre is Rock, Electro and Experimental. I started Galaxy 7 in 2008.

- Is there a concept behind the name "Galaxy 7"?

Nothing special. Suddenly I came up with this name when I created this project. A few months later I saw a fortune teller and she told me that my lucky number is 7. So I think that name is good for me.

- What image do you want to convey through your music?

I want to portray “reaching the limit”,”extreme”,”ultimate” feelings of human. Humans can exhibit tremendous power at that moment.
I like that.
And after 3.11 of last year, I write the lyrics about “Our future” and ”World peace” like that.
I’ve changed a little bit in my heart.

- What drew you to electro-rock music, how were you introduced to this genre?

4 or 5 years ago I went to a club in Tokyo. There were so cool electro musics. And I thought that I wanted to write more Rockin’ electro music.

- Who are some of the musicians that have influenced you?

Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Bjork, Radiohead

- From the beginning of your solo career to the present day, how have you changed or grown as a musician?

When I started this project I didn’t think I wanted to be a professional musician. I just wanted to have fun. I didn’t work hard. But I got some work and some people who helped Galaxy 7 little by little.
So I decided to do Galaxy 7 as work. I have been growing in my career as a songwriter and stage performer. Now I can’t listen to my old songs and I can’t see my old concert videos either. Because I don’t feel they are good haha.

- What has been one of the biggest obstacles on your journey as a musician?

My feelings. I’m always worrying about the feelings of people who listen to or see Galaxy 7.
At the beginning, I didn’t care about that. But now it is my problem.

- In the AVIMA 2010 MUSIC AWARDS, "Super Explosions" was chosen as a winner for Best Electro/Dance Song, tell us more about this song.

At the beginning of Galaxy 7 I came up with this song while I’m playing a guitar in my room. Usually I don’t make a part of guitar solo. But I do with this song. I wanted it to be a simple rock style with this song. I wrote this song less than 1 hour.

- From guest artist at “Battle of The Bands” in London, to tours that have taken you to New York and France, tell us about the experience of performing outside of Japan.

Actually it is not my performing.
Last year I went to Japan Expo Sud in the South of France.
I had my talk show after my concert.
At that time, fans sang Happy Birthday song for me very loudly.
Because it was my birthday. I will never forget that. I was so happy.

- Songwriting, composing, arrangement, producing, programming, singing and playing the instruments, you do all of this yourself. Does that much control in the creative process make things easier or harder?

So hard. That make me crazy. Really really hard. But I’ve never stopped to do them.
Because my feeling is so good when I see the fans enjoy my music and performance.

- You've collaborated with Kabuki actors and martial artists for your stage performances. Are traditional arts something that inspires you?

I just want to show Asian cultures to foreign people.
Sometimes I go to see Japanese Dancing “Nihon Buyo” and “Kabuki”.

- Is there anyone else who you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Yes so many artists I’d like to collaborate with!
And I want to use magic in my concert.
For example, when I scream the audience begins to float
Something like that haha.

- Where do you see Galaxy 7 in the next five years?

I wish the earth still exists and all the people spend their own life happy. And I sing in countries somewhere.

- Could you please leave a closing message to your fans?

Thank you so much for supporting Galaxy 7.
I will keep on writing songs for you.
I don’t know which country you are living.
But I’d love to come to any country to have my concert.
I love you all.

Many thanks to The East/West Sound for making this interview possible!

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This interview was conducted by Alicia R. Thomas (ARThomas)


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