Sunday, March 11, 2012

Special Feature - "Show Your Heart"~ YFC


On March 11, 2011 a devastating 9.0 earthquake hit Northeastern region of Japan, triggering a massive tsunami along with a series of aftershocks and a nuclear crisis leaving in its wake destruction beyond comprehension. In response to the tragedies, GACKT, a multi-instrumentalist music icon shortly after established “Show Your Heart Foundation” in order to reach out to victims and help fund recovery efforts.

GACKT called out to fans, internationally and all throughout the areas of Japan to show their hearts by keeping those affected by these events in their hearts, memories, and thoughts. In response, musicians along with actors and actresses all around the world joined GACKT in his efforts to raise awareness and funds to help recovery efforts.  Since establishing the foundation, GACKT has helped in assisting and arranging for tons of food supplies and personal goods to be sent to effective areas along with other much needed supplies.

Raising awareness and sending out the message that those affected by the events of March 11th should never be forgotten, GACKT made it his new mission. In light of his mission, the new concept behind Yellow Fried Chickenz (YFC)—which was originally created for his European 2010 tour as part of his solo act where he was supported by You and Chachamaru—was born.

On June 10, 2011, it was announced that GACKT, You and Chachamaru were joined by Jon (vo. ), Shinya (drums), Takumi (guitar), and U:zo (bass) in the forming of the new line-up of YFC. When interviewed about forming the band, six months after the events of March 11th occurred about their performance in Sendai—an area greatly affected by the tsunami, GACKT expressed that they were playing for a different audience. Jon continued and explained the true meaning of the band:

“So a big part of our mission and message is to help, but also so that people don’t forget what’s going on there, what happened there. And not just what happened, but what’s still going on there…. And that’s why a big part of our message is, “It will not be forgotten.”… You know, it’s going to take years and years and years for that area to return to any approximation of what it used to be. And it’s going to take a lot of people’s concentrated effort to make that happen. And not just locals, but everywhere in Japan. Hopefully around the world too. We’re trying to spread our message, not so much in a soap box kind of way.”(Interview excerpt - Yellow Fried Chickenz Won’t Forget- Purple Sky Magazine DEC 2011)

YFC has been doing just that by spreading the message through their songs. With each song, they send a message of peace and love. With each song, it holds a meaning.  Since establishing the band, GACKT and YFC have toured throughout Europe and Japan during their “Show Your Soul” Tour to raise awareness. On March 14th, 2012 marks the release of their full length album.

In light of the one anniversary of the tragedies of March 11, 2011, let GACKT’s message reach the hearts of all those still affected by the events and keep those that have been lost in our hearts. “Don’t Give Up” and “Never Forget”.







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