Friday, March 2, 2012

March Feature - Galaxy 7



Our "Feature Artist" of the month is Galaxy 7, and for this feature, we'll be reviewing one of our favorite Galaxy 7 songs - Super Explosions!


"Super Explosions" by Galaxy 7 is a song that can easily be described as catchy and addictive!

Galaxy 7 is the solo project of Daisuke Tsutsui, who has over 15 years of experience in the music industry. He does the song-writing, composing, arranging, programming and more, all by himself, showing the depth of his knowledge and talent as a musician.

The intro to this electro-rock song will have you dancing immediately, and you’ll be further swept away with Daisuke’s vocals, which mesh perfectly with the mood of the song. A smooth, but edgy melody is introduced in the latter half of this track, making seamless transitions into instrumental sections that allow you appreciate each of the complex elements in this song.

A well-rounded performer, not only is Galaxy 7 a feast for the ears, but visually entertaining as well. Watching the "Super Explosions" PV you’ll see Daisuke dancing to the beat, giving you a glimpse of the high-energy and captivating stage presence seen in his live performances.

An amazing song! It's certainly no surprise that "Super Explosions" was chosen as a winner for BEST ELECTRO/DANCE SONG in the AVIMA 2010 MUSIC AWARDS.

Be sure to check out Galaxy 7 for more top-quality electro-rock music, and see for yourself how he's breaking new grounds in this music genre. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.






Galaxy 7 links

Kanzen ni Jrock Profile // Official Website // Facebook // Myspace // Twitter // Buy his album via itunes!




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This review was written by Alicia R. Thomas.


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  1. Thank you very much for your kind review & support of Galaxy 7!
    Daisuke is truly a very talented artist!

    Jennifer Oleari
    Editorial Staff
    Kanzen ni Jrock

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