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Interview with Rose Noire

First off, I would like to thank you for this opportunity for this interview. Will you please introduce yourselves and each other for our readers.

We are Rose Noire, which is made up by siblings Louie and Jill. The sound is really complicated because of the mixture of various music genres. Louie is the vocalist and composer, and Jill is the violinist.

For our readers who may not be familiar with Rose Noire, can you explain the band's concept and, the story behind the band's name.

Rose Noire means "black rose" in French, so a black rose often symbolizes non-existence, like you know, a vampire---and dark and beautiful over the ages.

Instead of fitting into just one genre, your music is more like a fusion between a series of genres from goth to classical to hip-hop. What are your musical backgrounds and how long have you been studying music?

Our background is in classical music and we believe almost music had come from classical music. And we've been studying many years.

Additionally, how long have both of you been playing the violin?

Long time.

In fact, a long time may actually be quite an understatement. In past interviews, Jill explained that she had started studying the violin at the age of 2. Additionally, between Louie and Jill, their musical background includes over twenty years of study in classical music as well as multiple genres, educating them in practically every area of the music-making process including composition and playing the violin and piano.

For a sibling duo, does it make it harder or easier to work together? Also for the record, between the two of you which one is older and by how much?

Sometimes it causes problems but also I think it is almost much easier. (And it's a secret but Louie is the elder brother.)

Though your music does not fit into just one genre, it is based off classical music. Are there any composers that influence you to this day?

Some composers are wonderful, take for some examples: J.S.Bach is perfect and S.Rachmaninoff is amazing as well as S. Prokofiev and A.Vivaldi.

Outside of the classical music, what other artists influence you?

LINKIN PARK, I love and Marilyn Manson, too. My friend Chaos Royale has big influence to me, also, Bjork, MUSE, Justin Timberlake, KORN and more.

This past December, Rose Noire released their official PV for Dual Evil. How was it like making the PV?

Dual Evil PV is directed by Roger of Tainted Reality and made by Eddie, Daniel and David of Blue Core Studio. They are really talented.

Dual Evil feels like a fusion between goth and classical styles. What is the main theme behind "Dual Evil"?

The theme is that two devils swindle people by their beauty.

After the Great Tohoku Earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, you recorded a charity song, "The Power to Revive," what messages were you trying to send to survivors and/or your listeners?

“That a human with a strong will have great power than we expect.”

Outside of music, what are your other interests?

Louie: movies, manga, games, fashion, and truth of the World.
Jill: art, movies, fashion, and philosophy.

If you could pick any five words, describe what music means to you.

"life" "beauty" "truth" "passion" "world"

Thank you for the opportunity of this interview. Are there any last words you could like to give to our readers?

Louie: Thank you for reading, I hope we can have opportunity to have a show in your area and meet you directly. I love you guys

Jill: Thank you for meeting Rose Noire. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the show. Please keep your eyes and mind to Rose Noire!

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This interview with Rose Noire was conducted by Rita Nokkaew (Ayva Trance)

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