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Interview with Jenlayn




1.)   Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how everyone met.

Jae: Hi, I'm Jae, the vocalist of the band. I met the others when they were rehearsing for an X Japan cover gig and didn't have a singer yet. It was only two weeks before the concert so there was a lot of practicing to do!

Яed: Hello everyone! I am the second guitarist of our band Jenlayn!   OBI contacted me back in late 2010 and wanted to recruit me as a second guitarist to this X Japan cover project.  I was doing my military service at the time so I couldn't join. Later I got a second chance and then I met the rest of the band, except Jae who joined up later.

OBI: 'ello! OBI here. I play bass guitar and do backing vocals. I put up some ads around the web to form an X JAPAN tribute band in 2010 and that's how everything begun. I admit I had an ulterior motive to form a new visual rock group after the tribute. So I'm basically the "founder" of the band.

Jere: Hi, I'm Jere and I play the drums. I saw OBI's ad about his X JAPAN tribute band and the rest is history haha.

Juha: Hi, I'm Juha, I play the guitar. I've been in the band almost from the very beginning. I replaced the original guitarist who never showed up at rehearsals except once.


2.)  Is there a significance to the name Jenlayn?

Jae: Haha, it's a secret.

Яed: Not that I know of . :D Let's say it means awesome!

OBI: Well, it sort of relates to one of our shared "hobbies".


3.)  You guys started off as an X Japan cover band....did you expect that you would start your own Visual Rock band?

Jae: When I first joined the band there already was talk of forming a band of our own. I guess I even wouldn't have been interested to continue with the others if they were only to play covers.

Яed: Indeed we did. I think nobody of the original members except OBI expected it.  I think he had some kind of a master plan.

Juha: The reason I joined the band was just to have fun in the beginning. Of course there was some ideas flying around about starting our 'own' band, but nothing this serious.


4.)  How is doing a cover different from performing your own songs?

Jae: Personally I enjoy a lot more performing our own songs since they've come from ourselves and have more personal meanings. Of course it's fun to play covers too and add your own spice to the music.

Яed: I would say its very cool. It's awesome to cover good songs because then you know for certain that people will like it and can identify to it.  But of course, I like to play our own stuff more!

Jere: At least for my part playing original songs is way easier than playing X JAPAN haha. And it's of course fun to make up your own drum beats for the songs.

Juha: Well, I haven't been too much interested in composing songs myself. At least to this point I've let others make the songs. So it's almost the same thing from my point of view, haha.


5.)  Besides the obvious answer of X, what visual kei bands inspire you guy? Visually and musically?

Jae: I think The Gazette inspires me the most at the moment. Both visually and musically. Dir en grey in 2003 - 2005 has also been a great influence for me.

Яed:  Luna Sea, Sugizo, Girugamesh, The Gazette, and D'espairsRay at least

OBI: Malice Mizer, DELUHI, Bull Zeichen 88, Chemical Pictures

Jere: The GazettE, Sex Machineguns and Abingdon Boys School.

Juha: La'cryma Christi, Siam Shade. They are not so visual but :D


6.)  You guys are on the lighter side in correlation to the visual aspect of Visual Rock, why is this? Any plans to get extravagant costumes?

Jae: We're still kind of developing our bands visual aspect. Personally I'm ready to go more visual, we'll see what the band'll look like in the future!

Яed: Also we want to show that we dont have to dress up so visually. Sugizo once said; "People who just attach themselves to visual kei will fade quickly, whereas those who create excellent work will be remembered." The music that we do is more important.  But yeah, we are still working on this.  I think you will see a little bit more stylish outfits in the near future!

OBI: We try to be a group and a group of individuals at the same time: Take Abingdon Boys School, L'arc~en~ciel for ex.  Some of us are, and will be a bit less visual.  But I think it makes the band more exciting when the members don't all look the same.  In general, visuality will surely increase in the future.


7.)  How is doing a live different from recording in the studio or even just practicing?

Jae: I think I enjoy making music the most when I'm performing live. I'm not a person who stresses a lot before a concert but I'm really hyped up in a positive way. In the studio I stress a lot more for some reason.

Яed: Live is so different compared to those two! When you are playing a live, your mistakes cannot be undone. Thats why it takes a lot of practicing.

OBI: The atmosphere is totally different on the stage. The constant stress level and adrenaline makes you want to give your all.

Juha: I believe it's possible to get addicted to the feeling you have on stage.


8.)  What would your dream concert be like? What venue/where would you want it? Who else would be performing?

Jae: Haha, as cliché as it sounds I'm sure it would be performing a one man show at Tokyo Dome. Or maybe a great V-Rock festival with the biggest names at the moment.

Яed: My dream concert would be a big crowd of people who really appreciate our music. I think this is kinda cliché, but Tokyo Dome.  One man show of course. :P


Jere: My dream concert would be of a bit more humble sort. One day I'd like to play at a legendary local rock venue called Tavastia.

OBI: I'd like us to perform at Nippon Budokan. It's a remarkable venue.

Juha: TV-concert aired worldwide from the Wembley Stadium.


9.)  When should we expect a single or album from you guys?

Jae: Well we're hitting the studio again in march to record two more kickass songs, maybe we'll release them in a form of a single. I believe we'll wait for a recording contract before releasing a full-length album.

Яed: We will go to studio in March 2012.  These songs will be a bit different.  ;)  Keep your heads up!


10.)  Any exciting plans for 2012?

Jae: Hopefully 2012 will be our year in any possible way. Of course we'll perform as much as possible and keep making better and better music!

Яed: Lots of. We will try to do our best in studio and in our gigs.  There has been a discussion of a PV as well, we'll see about that.

OBI: We'll introduce a new instrument in our upcoming songs.


11.)  And finally, any closing messages for our readers?

Jae: Keep rocking hard and please support us!

Яed: Please support us and keep sharing us! We have many exciting things coming up for you! Thank you so much!

Jere: Keep our name in mind because you'll hear from us soon!

OBI: Remember us, we'll keep on improving, and exploring new possibilities!

Juha: Thanks!

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This interview with Jenlayn was conducted by Michelle R. Gaynor (Tenten).


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