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Interview with Karmia


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1) Let's start with a bit of background story about Karmia and its members, such as how the band's name was chosen, and how all of you met?

Ana: While coming up with different name ideas we somehow ended up deciding it should be a Finnish word. At some point I came up with Karmia (kar-me-ya). The word itself is an exotic multifaceted Finnish word belonging in two word classes. It's a verb literally meaning "to creep" and also an adjective as something that is horrible or shocking etc. Also you can link it to karma and whatnot. A fun fact is that our web address' ending .asia ( is also a Finnish word meaning "a thing", so it's basically a horrible thing.


When I moved to Helsinki in 2010 I posted an online ad looking for a cool band to play guitar with. I listed a bunch of Visual Kei bands as my influences, which is kinda rare in Finland I guess, so Sharan contacted me even he wasn't in a band. First we planned that he could do some vocals for my solo work called "In the Wake of Eden". Sharan was friends with our first rhythm guitarist San and we met in November 2010 in a coffee house and decided to form a band. We found a bass player and a drummer by early 2011 and started rehearsing and making songs. Eventually the bass player and drummer left the band for their other bands and we decided to record an album while looking for new members. During the summer of 2011 Doku and Hypo who actually is twin brother of our first drummer, joined the band and we held our first live a year after starting this band. After a long time going back and forth San finally decided to leave the band to pursue his own music. So once again we had to find a new member, but this time it only took a few days and suddenly KiBa was already playing with us. So it was a pretty eventful year and took some time and hassle to find the right members for this band, but now we are ready to take over the world!


2) If each member could choose one word to describe themselves, which words would you all choose?

Sharan: Radical

Ana: Lost

Doku: Weird

Hypo: Reliable

KiBa: Omnipotent


3) Karmia's style is influenced by the Visual Kei scene. Who are musicians/bands from Japan that have inspired your look?

Sharan: Ruki and the GazettE as a whole.

Doku: Umi and the Vistlip on the whole and D'espairs Ray.

Hypo: Teru from GLAY.


4) Musically, you have influences from around the globe. What are some of the artists or music genres that influence Karmia?

Ana: For me it's everything I hear. My listening habits are kinda random, but lately I've been listening to some dubstep and really old American music, though I don't think we will hear any of that with Karmia. Of couse great guitarists like Sugizo or Kyoji Yamamoto influence my playing inescapably.

KiBa: I listen to everything varying from electro pop to hardcore punk but I think songs I'm trying to write for Karmia are more like a nice blend of pop, rock and metal.


5) Visual Kei is about the appearance of a group, not sound or ethnicity, and yet many are opposed to Visual Kei bands that aren't Japanese. Has Karmia been met with that kind of response, or have you been well-received?

Sharan: Well I think we have been pretty well-received. I think that Seremedy has opened some gates for all Visual bands that are not from Japan. I really haven't heard any ill-willed comments about us.

Ana: I suppose all the haters just haven't heard about us just yet!

Doku: I'll have to say that I've heard some ill-willed comments but that does not bother me. But still I think that we have been well-received.


6) The tracks from your album "Origin" are available for free download on your website. Which of those ten tracks represents Karmia's musical style on the best way?

Sharan: I really can't name only one track. They all combined together are what Karmia is about.



7) In March, Karmia will release a new EP called "Enigma".  Can you tell us how the sound of this upcoming release compares to the sound of "Origin?

Ana: Even though we pretty much add any genre we think could work to our music, I think Enigma will be a bit more coherent package. That’s probably because we'll only record four songs this time. I think we overdid it with Origin. There will be three pretty fast tempo songs and one acoustic ballad type of song. I'd say this one has more groove to it.

Sharan: The atmosphere is much darker when you get the lyrics.


8) Karmia's first live was on November 4th, that date was also the band's first year anniversary. How was the experience?

Sharan: The live itself lasted like 30 minutes but it felt like it was over even before it started. It didn't really feel like we were on a stage. Felt like a normal rehearsal to me.

Ana: Yeah it felt really fast and was over before I knew it. We had some sound problems but it was really fun overall.

Doku: I was little bit nervous during the whole gig but I still think it went great after all. I hope there will be more people at our next gig.

Hypo: It was fun but at the same time an educational experience. On our next anniversary we just need a bigger venue to celebrate another year Karmia has wandered forward.


9) What is Karmia's New Year resolution?

Sharan: To play more lives and give our fans exciting surprises.


10) Lastly, can you leave a closing message for the readers?

Sharan: We all hope that you keep listening to our music and we'll promise to you that we will make more and more interesting songs for you to listen. We're gonna rock this world!

Doku: I hope that many more people will start to listen to our music and to those who like our music I want to say "Welcome to our monstrous wonderland”.

Hypo: Thanks for your time and have a very enjoyable year 2012!


To find more from Karmia, be sure to visit the links below;

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This interview with Karmia was conducted by Alicia R. Thomas.


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