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Interview with Karael La Tour d'Auvergne of Abaddon


About to release their debut music video for their first song, "Aristocrat of Your Demise," Karael La Tour d'Auvergne of Abaddon was able to set aside some time in order to answer some questions for Visual Keios for our readers.

Will you please introduce yourself along with the rest of the band and describe your musical backgrounds for our readers?

Ayakashi (singer) and I (bassist) are brothers, and as you can read in our bio on our official site, we've been creating music from years. We have always been in the shadows, though. This is the first time people can actually see Karael and Ayakashi.

Yoshi, our rhythm guitarist, always played guitars by himself, he never trusted anyone so I think this is the first time he is in a real band.

Zakai Tetrax, the lead guitarist, is a traveller, a crazy man, not much is known about his past. Though I think he has played with musicians all over the globe though.

Raizen Haltia used to play his drums in a isolated cabin on the mountains in Finland, waiting for the right chance to hit him on his head, haha. Though now, he has the right chance to show who he is and how good he is at playing drums when he met us!

How was it like shooting your first PV (Promotional Video)? Was it fun?

Alot of fun. we visited places full of magic and was very cool. Ayakashi and I did all the editing of the video afterwards.We had to choose between 4 hours of shooting ! Was a long work, but we are satisfied by the result!

In Karael's recent blog entry, he mentioned that the PV has a Tim Burton style feel to it. Do you enjoy watching Tim Burton movies? If so, what is your favorite movie and why?

Oh yes. I love Tim Burton's movies. A person from Japan once told me he was in a club in tokyo one time, and he is a very nice and relaxed guy. I would like to meet him and tell him in person how much I enjoy his movies. When I was little, I remember I saw Edward Scissorhands and that movie blown me away for how strong and poetic it is. I also like Sleepy Hollow alot. I watched that movie so many times I lost the count!

Now that the PV is done, what is the next step for Abaddon?

We will create more songs, we will prepare maxi singles with many surprises for our fans. The key word in Abaddon is: surprises. Many surprises are coming for you!

Now that we've talked about the PV, how about answering some questions about the band in general for our readers to get to know the band a little better.

For those of us just entering into the world of Abaddon, will you please explain the concept, story, and meaning behind the world that you wish to create?

First of all, this band is very special and surrounded by magic. Also theatrical in some ways (we would love to be able to play in theatres in the future). We all have stories that are strange, mysterious and enchanting--that is a crucial part of the project Abaddon. We are like characters in a dark fantasy movie, but we exist for real.
Everything is possible in our world, and if they say it's not possible,we make it happen anyways.

About the name: Abaddon is a demon but also can be an Angel. He can work for good, or work for Evil. We personally don't work for good or evil, we work for the great passion we have for the music. But the figure of Abaddon is very enchanting and very strong. It's the black and the white. It can be sweet and gentle, or punch you in the face the minute after! It is a fitting description of our music.

How did the band come together? How did everyone meet?

Well, Ayakashi and I are brothers. Abaddon was our creation that changed between the years. And if you check on our official site, every member tells the story of how they met us. Check it our when you have time, it's cool and interesting to read!

Could you describe the type of music and style Abaddon wants to represent?

Sweet and poetic as an angel, aggressive and bloody like a demon.

If you could name some musicians or band that have influenced you to become musicians, who would it be?

Well, we all listened to alot of different bands, from japanese gothic to american metal to norwegian black metal to doom metal like the great band My Dying Bride, to mention one name. We also listen to medieval music like Sopor Aeternus which is also inspirational to us. But there are many.

Describe music in five words.

Passion, Heart, Love, Death, Soul.

In your short biography, you stated that the idea behind Abaddon started under the name XiV-XviiJ that you and Ayakashi are involved with since 2004 but that the band did not wish to be known for their work. Why now do you wish to come out in the public with your work?

Because we really wish to go out from the shadows and finally play concerts with this project! This project became too strong to keep it hidden longer!

Outside of music, what are your other interests?

We enjoy staying alone, watching movies, contemplating the nature, travelling, creating ...every form of art..poetry, writing ( I am a writer too but I never published anything),drawing.

What are your plans for the future?

Writing more music, concerts concerts, concerts!

Thank you Karael La Tour d'Auvergne of Abaddon for this interview. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Thank you Rita for giving us the opportunity to reveal alittle more of Abaddon's world. We really hope you will love to pieces our first song, we welcome you into our world and we will promise you many surprises in the future to come. We hope our music will fill your soul and your heart, like it does to us.


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If interested to learn more about Abaddon, Check out their official site or official facebook page

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This interview with Karael La Tour d'Auvergne of Abaddon was conducted by Rita Nokkaew (Ayva Trance)


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