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Interview with Eiji, aka "Liquid Boy"


- Let's start with an introduction! Please tell us bit about yourself and your musical background.

I was brought up listening to various music.
I liked PUNK ROCK in my childhood, and PUNK fashion like hairstyles and the fashion, too.
And more guitars came to listen to main music.
I became a high school student and bought a guitar.
I came to like classic Rock from that time.
The influence of Jimi Hendrix was very big!
I came to hear Blues under the influence of him.
And I was affected by Glam Rock, NEW WAVE, techno electromusic.


- Your music is a fusion of rock, electro-blues, glam, new wave, and 80's pop. The result is fun and refreshing, but does it make composing songs harder?

I like the enthusiastic music.
But I decide to finish the song which I make in a pop.
It is not so difficult.
And I can prepare it into only me.
I want various people to listen to it by they mix of the various music that I came under an influence of, and finishing it in a pop song.
For example, a young person has many people who do not listen Blues.
But I am glad if young people are interested in Blues to listen to my song!


- Right now, you have four demos on your soundcloud... if you could choose one to be your personal theme song, which would you choose and why?

I love all my songs.
But "it is Melting" if I choose one song from that.
The song matches the first image of Liquid Boy very much.
The style of the song mixes blues Rock and electrosound in a good balance.
Its Lyric expresses my present conditions.


- In general, what kind of message do you want to send through your music?

I make what I felt in my life and the thing that I want to convey a message in a song.
For example, it is sorrow, pains and hope.
- If there was one thing that was essential for you to become the musician you are today, what would it be?

I had very many inferiority complexes in my childhood.
I disliked myself.
I watched various foreign musicians in my days as a junior high student on MTV and received a splendid shock.
But I was not interested in Japanese music very much.
I who was born in Japan was unlucky.
But I obtained a place to express by oneself by playing to listen to music.
I must go to the foreign country to play it.


- Since 2010, you've had two performances here in the US? Can you share some fond memories from your time in Los Angeles and Chicago?

The performance in LA was my first LIVE in the U.S.A.!
It was a very big event.
I was very cheerful, and people whom I met in LA were kind.
But the LIVE had many sound troubles and had a hard time.
I want to go to LA to do revenge LIVE sometime.

Chicago was splendid!
Chicago is the place where I longed for.
This is because a lot of my favorite Blues musicians are there.
I encountered Buddy Guy!
It was a miracle!
LIVE of Chicago was very splendid!
I played an American nation in the last of LIVE.


- Where would you like to perform in the future, any cities that you're eager to visit?

I want to go to Seattle where Jimi Hendrix was born.
And I want to certainly go to New York!
And Canada where jazz and Blues are prosperous.
A lot of Europe has the country which I want to go.
I want to certainly go to Germany where techno music was born sometime!
But the Europe wants to go to all countries.
I want to go to the various countries elsewhere!


- In collaboration with other artists, you've created several songs for anime and movies. Is there a dream collaboration that you'd like to take part in?

I come to like my music, and a splendid musician wants to share it.
It is my dream to gather the musicians of various countries, and to make an international band.
But it is time to concentrate on one's music production now.


- Outside of music, what are some of your other interests?

My interest except the music is fashion.
And English study.
I like comedy programs of Japanese TV.
It deletes my stress.


- Could you leave a closing message for our readers?

Thank you for reading my interview till the last!
If you are interested in my music, please listen to a song here.
I want to do a LIVE at the place where you live sometime!
Lots of LOVE!

Liquid Boy/Eiji


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This interview with Liquid Boy Eiji was conducted by Alicia R. Thomas.


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