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Interview with Aki, lead vocalist of RK Rosebud

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Aki (lead vocalist of RK Rosebud) has taken a few moments of her time to answer a series of questions from Visual Keios for our readers. First off, for those not familiar with your work, please introduce yourself.
Nice to meet you. We're RK ROSEBUD,one of Rock bands in Japan.


If you could, please describe the concept, story, and meaning behind the name RK Rosebud.

In the beginning, we have been thinking we would like for us to always be a rock band. Although there are hard rock, punk rock, and even pop in our music, simply in our spirits, we are always Rockstars. So, in the band name RK Rosebud, RK stands for "R" OC "K". The meaning behind "ROSEBUD" is literal. And although that rose may be a bud forever, we will always be living like a night before in hopes that it is going to bloom tomorrow.


In fact, our name had existed at first, earlier than our concept. However, now we're thinking that the bud is just like a symbol of our will. 'We do not forget our initial earnest intention, and we always continues evolving,to bloom as beautiful rose.'


How did the band form and come together?


At first, each band member played in different bands in our early teens, at that time we had only known of each others' existence. At that time, we could not guess that we would play as one band in our future, even in our imagination. I believe we had to wait for fate in order to bring about the day that we met each other. Just like that rose that has been making efforts to bloom till god accepts it.


 RK Rosebud plays music from a wide variety of genres such as goth and punk to pop and rock. When you are writing your songs what tends to influence the lyrics?


From everything that we experienced in our days. Our lyrics and music are what was produced from our lives, however, they're never our self-expression. We do not have desire to show self-expression. We think that self-expression can not work for anything,anyone. Though this expression is not noble, self-expression is masturbation of ego.

We always crave just for liking to merely make beautiful things. We think we should be pure catalyst when we create art.


What inspires the visuals you wish to portray to your audiences on stage?

On our stage(of course,in also our works), we want our music, visual, and performance to work as the Trinity. And always we'd like the audience to enjoy special time away from day-to-day life. Imagining it,we consider our visual, concept, and set list on stage. It is joy for us,too. Joy is happier than happiness. Do you want to know such joy also in our lives?


 What bands or musicians influence you to become a musician?

Many,many,musicians,and bands!


If you could pick any five words, describe what music means to you.

'Work', 'Life', 'Water', 'Beauty', and 'Godsend'

If you could collaborate with any musician or band, who would it be?

We would like to always collaborate with RK ROSEBUD.

This past September you released your new CD "Death Education", what was it like recording it and could you describe the images you wish to portray through the songs to listeners?

In recording it, we think that we loaded the work with all of our thought and praying. In this piece especially, we want to make Japan or Japanese who has tendency to make death a taboo, know that death is nature and is not dirty.

It is our 'Death Education'.

For readers that are not yet familiar with the music of RK Rosebud, could you please describe your music?

If you meet our tunes, you can know.


What are the last words you would like to give to our readers?

If interested in learning more about RK Rosebud: 

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This interview with AKI of RK ROSEBUD was conducted by Rita Nokkaew (Ayva Trance)


Hi I'm Rita, I enjoy exploring different cultures, rocking out and research


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