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Dir En Grey Age Quod Agis 2011 - Atlanta GA

Dir En Grey Age Quod Agis 2011

Center Stage Theater Atlanta, GA Dec. 7th 2011
Dir En Grey is a Visual Kei / Hard Rock band that's been around since 1997 and very steady approaching their fifteenth year They've been doing tours in the U.S. since 2006 headlining multiple tours with reverberating rhythm Shinya (Dr.), Toshiya (Ba.), that always begins to rock you to your core, Die (Gu.) that always amps up the crowd while playing, Kaoru (Gu.) the stoic yet powerful leader, & Kyo (Vo.) the 5' 3'' powerhouse.

The Show began at Eight PM with the doors to Center Stage Theater opining at Seven PM, however there was some sort of delay at the doors weren't open until 7:30 but the show went on without a hitch at 8:00 PM with Birthday Massacre as Dir En Grey's Opening band. Birthday Massacre lit the fire for Dir En Grey as they jumped around, played with whatever the crowd threw on stage and during the encore asked the venue if they we we're ready for Dir en Grey everyone standing cheered, screamed as the response as the family members on the younger crowd relaxing the seats clapped. As the vocalist of Birthday Massacre ran off stage in a hyper spunk the other member's hung back to dissemble and pack away their instruments, as Dir En Grey's Roadies and Tour Staff began setting up the stage for Dir En Grey the crowd was getting antsy, chanting for the band or their favorite member's just while the staff was testing the instruments and stage lights.

The lights finally dimmed to a blue hue as Kyoukotsu no Nari started up cheers, screams began in a whirlwind as one by one the band came on stage, Shinya & Toshiya started full force with Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami as Kaoru stood stoic and proud, and Die egging on the crowd for more, Kyo's animalist growls enlighten a fire from the crowd arms reaching up into the air to almost synchronize head banging.
As the show went on Shinya pounded on his precious Pearl drum set like a beast Kaoru always stoic on the right side of the stage coming only to the left side a handful of times Toshiya dancing around the stage at time's twirling his Bass around himself or into the air just like a hyper-active child, Die seemed not as into the show until Lotus where at one part he got the crowd to sing along, he stuck to his favorite part of the stage half the time opting to walk around the stage or to goof off with Toshiya. Kyo was a master of the mic for the night screaming, howling, and yelling his soul out for all of Atlanta to hear. He's still remarkably fluid instead of his usual ripping off his shirt and tossing it down he danced out of it. At time's bending to the point where you think he was a contortionist.

The crowd was usually well behaved until Kyo began his infamous Inward Scream, yelling in appreciation to the point of almost muting Kyo himself, however other fans in the crowd wanted it to be silent and began hollering with slight obscenities, but began to quite down in due time.
The Venue Staff for the most part were right on top of the things there was a small issue with the ticket scanner at first but it was fixed right away, as for Staff dealing with the crowd they did a decent job my only issue with staff was there should have been a announcement before we were led into Center Stage Theater about Flash Policy.


Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia - December 7, 2011 Setlist

Kyoukotsu no Nari

Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami



Rotting Root

Shitataru Mourou

Dozing Green

Inward Scream

The Blossoming Beelzebub

Tsumi No Batsu

Inward Scream

"Yokusou ni Dreambox" Aruiwa Seijuku no Rinen to Tsumetai Ame

Different Sense




Stuck Man


Vanitas (Instrumental Mix)

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