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Interview with Shion, President of Babel Entertainment

~1. You've been a part of promoting and booking artists as far back as 2009, is that correct? Have there been any outstanding highlights during this journey?

Yes I have been booking artist since 2009, but started promotions the year before.  My most outstanding highlight was when I booked one of my favorite bands growing up "SEIKIMA II".  It was the first time I had ever been so nervous to meet someone I booked and have been promoting.  Other than that, I would say my very first show ever in Dallas, TX with ALSDEAD.  It was the first time to really see how much the fans enjoyed Visual Kei music.  From that show, I have been dedicated to help bringing amazing Japanese artist overseas.  All other highlights would have to be secrets LOL



~2.You've also been a part of bringing in stars of the Japanese fashion industry, what brought on the decision to branch out to Japanese fashion?

To me entertainment is a full circle of Music, Movies, and Fashion.  They need each other.  A movie would suck without background music, and the music and pop culture industry needs fashion to represent who they are.  I felt with Visual Kei, there was also the street fashion scene of the fans that enjoyed Visual Kei, or just the overall Harajuku, & Shibuya Kei fashion as well.  The fashion in Japan, whether it is Lolita or other styles found in Shibuya or Harajuku are very LOUD and its an amazing way to express ones self.    It's fun stuff, and I love being apart of it.



~3. What's one of the most challenging things about your job?

Mainly working with two different cultures and trying to explain and work with in both cultures.  Just because one speaks either English or Japanese or both, does not mean they know how to work within both cultures.  It's a lot harder than one would expect.  Also, most fans do not really know what goes on behind the scenes, hell most of my staff doesn't even really know all the work that goes into putting on a good show.  From the outside it all seems like fun and games, but trust me it takes a lot to get to those smiles.




~4.If you could, recommend 3 Japanese bands/artists that, in your opinion, seem underrated.

hmmm underated..well it's funny cause some bands that are popular in Japan are not popular in the U.S., and some bands that are popular in the U.S. have to fight sharks to sell tickets in Japan.  But for the U.S. I'll answer what Visual Kei bands I think are underated.  Kain would be one band that is very talented, and not the standard Visual Kei most are use to hearing.  Very mellow, and Sophia from BLOOD STAIN CHILD used the term Intellectual kei  when we talk about music LOL.  Another band I feel should be more popular than they are is ALSDEAD.  The talent they possess in writing and playing surpass about 90% of visual kei bands out nowadays.  Another band that I feel should get more recogntion is Eat You Alive.  Again another band that doesn't sound like all the other VK bands that are out.  I could continue with a few more, but there is my 3.




~5.What can music lovers expect from Babel Entertainment in 2012?

Obviously more shows LOL.  We have already booked a few shows for next year and will be announcing them soon.  Also not just conventions we are also currently working on just standard U.S. tours as well.  Unfortunately can not mention any names yet.  However, one project we are excited about is working with TAKASHI O'HASHI on his return back to the United States.  TAKASHI O'HASHI is the guitarist from SEIKIMA II who released an album in the U.S. from a hair metal band in the 80's called CATS IN BOOTS.  His return to the U.S. is sure to make some noise in the mainstream market, not so much the Japanese Pop Culture market but the actual U.S. MAINSTREAM.  Which to me is \m/



~6. A closing message for our readers?

I've always said this before on our streaming radio station and interviews. The fans of Japanese pop culture are what keep us going and working to bring amazing artist from Japan.  Keep spreading that open artistic mind and heart of yours and share the fact that music is a language of one.  You always thank me for bringing artist, but in all honesty I and all of us at Babel thank the fans of Japanese Rock.  Without the fans of this genre everything we do is pointless.

Oh yeah, and keep crank'n Babel Rock Radio! \m/ YOU KNOW!

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  1. Shion's always so cool. Good job on interview!

  2. I've been stalking Shion since 2008. Without the radio station that he was apart of during that time, I wouldn't know about half of the bands I love now. Im really thankful to him and everyone else that bring this music to light here in the U.S. :D


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