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THE SUZAN at Anime Weekend Atlanta - Live Photos and Interview



On September 30th through October 2nd, Anime Weekend Atlanta, one of North America’s largest anime conventions, saw yet another successful year of activities, including the much anticipated “Atlanta Saturday Night Rock ‘N’ Party” in which two great bands took the stage.

It’s pretty obvious what genre of music we tend to focus on here at Visual KEIOS, but even the most hardcore of Visual Kei fans have found it hard, if not impossible, to deny the fun and refreshing sound of the all-female group, THE SUZAN.

Taking to the stage after MOON STREAM, these four fashionable ladies lit up the stage from their first song to their last and had the crowd up and dancing as if the night had just begun.



1. Rondo

2. Home


4. Devils

5. London Tonight

6. Never Land

7. Come Come

8. New Song

9. Get It

10. High & Low


Photos and header by Jeong Choi – Visual KEIOS’ Lead Event Photographer

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 Visual KEIOS had the joy having a brief interview with THE SUZAN.



KEIOS: Let’s start with the name. How did you decide on ‘THE SUZAN’ as your band name?

Saori: It is our family name. Rie and I are sisters, our family name is ‘Suzuki’ It sounds similar to ‘Suzan’


KEIOS: Since forming in 2004, what has been some of your most memorable moments as a band?

Ikue: Performing at Anime conventions are exciting for us.


KEIOS: It was a great concert last night, everyone was dancing and having a great time.

Saori: Thank you!


KEIOS: You are the self-proclaimed riot-girls. What does that concept mean to you as musicians?

Ikue: Riot-girls, many people give us that name.

KEIOS: And what do you consider yourselves?

Ikue: We don’t worry about labels.


KEIOS: Which one of your songs best embodies the spirit of your band.

Saori: Our song, it’s called “Come Come.” You can hear it in the Verizon commercial.


KEIOS: If you could describe your band’s sound in one word, what would that word be?

Ikue: People tell us we are energetic. It is hard, to give one word.

KEIOS: I think “Energy” is a good word.


KEIOS: Inside and outside of Japan, which musical artists do you admire?

Nico: Marilyn Manson and Beyonce… from Japan…… I like CLAMP!

Ikue: Tomtomtom and Yura-yura Teikoku

Saori: It is so hard to choose. But when I was in high school, when I was a teenager I liked L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Rie: Youichi Sakamoto and Titus Andronicus


KEIOS: Outside of music, what are your biggest interests?

Rie: Movies!

Saori: Sweets.

Ikue: Food and clothes.

Nico: Make up.


KEIOS: Where do you see your band 10 years from now?

Saori: We want to be BIGGER!!


KEIOS: What message do you want to spread through your music?

Nico: Positive Message.


KEIOS: Please leave a closing message for our readers.

Saori: Please listen to our music!!


Left to Right - Saori (Vo&G) - Rie (Key&G) - Nico (Dr) - Ikue (Ba)

THE SUZAN after the interview, sporting some jewelry from Visual KEIOS! Photo by CMT.

Visual KEIOS would like to thank Mai Mai and bchan for making time in their busy schedule so that we could have to opportunity to talk with THE SUZAN.


To learn more about the band, please check out the link below;

THE SUZAN Official HP: [/box]


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