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Moon Stream Live at Anime Weekend Atlanta - Oct 1st 2011




Arriving an hour early to prepare for the anticipation of the concert, I already found myself facing a small line. Gradually, as time passed, the line circled around the ballroom itself in which the event would be taking place. Among the line were those decked out Moon Stream t-shirts and also those fully decked out in cosplay. Despite the wait and slight delay, fans remained cheerful.

Although Moon Stream is a newer band which debuted at Kintoki Con 2011 this past June, the band is already starting to gain a loyal following. Moon Stream originated as a dream collaboration between Satsuki, former vocalist of Rentrer en Soi and Tomo Asaha, lead guitarist of Echostream. Following them, they were joined by support members Ena (bassist) and U-Ya (drums).

When the doors started opening, a wave of screams went through the crowd and everyone began filing in. Everyone waited in anticipation. After a while, the announcer came on stage and after a few words asked us to call the band onto the stage. Throughout the audience, you heard screams for Moon Stream and one by one they came onto the stage. The last to come on stage was Satsuki.

The concert started out with a small drum solo from U-Ya as part of “Innocent” from Satsuki’s solo career. However, the rest of the band looked at him because that was not supposed to be the first song. Satsuki laughed before breaking out to their first song “Sympathy” which is also from Satsuki’s solo activities. (Author's Edit: I found out later that U-Ya had played the first few counts of "Sympathy" however because of the great volume of screaming from fans, Satsuki did not hear him therefore couldn't start the song). The crowd screamed. High energy filled the room and moved with the band. The band moved quickly in between songs before pausing.

The setlist was filled with a variety of Satsuki’s songs from his solo activities. The concert was filled with moments of Satsuki interacting with the audience by waving his hand in the air and asking for audience participation. At points the audience was chanting along with the band “Moon Stream fight!” The band was on fire as they were head banging or jumping around during different parts of the show.

Their presence on stage was just captivating. You can just tell that the band and audience were having a great time. After the band walked out stage, it only took a little while before the audience started chanting for an encore. After a while, the band reappeared and thanked everyone for the encore. The band broke into “NVM” and the crowd went wild. At one point Tomo had gotten off stage and stood on the chairs right in front of the audience and started playing into the audience. Shortly after that Satsuki also got off stage and stood on the chair singing into the crowd.

The performance ended on a high note and it was an unforgettable experience.






5. Veil of MARIA

6. 粒子に溶けて流れる涙と眩暈の葬に乱反射する再生の声


8. NVN



Encore: NVN

Report by Rita - Visual KEIOS' Writer and Researcher

- View Rita's photo slidehow from the live - HERE - and the Q&A panel - HERE -




Photos by Jeong Choi - Visual KEIOS' Lead Event Photographer


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Photos by CMT - Visual KEIOS' Assistant photographer




Many thanks to Rubab for allowing Visual KEIOS into the photo pit during their performace.

To learn more about Moon Stream, please check out the links below;

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