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Dec 26th 2010 – the GazettE, Plastic Tree, jealkb, ROACH, Chemical Pictures

How time flies... this will be our last post of the year. 2010 is coming to an end. We want to thank everyone that's stopped by our website, followed us on twitter, emailed us and showed their support. We're still a very young site, but our aspirations are growing bigger by the day, and we hope we can provide all you JRock and VKei fans with more and more every coming year. Look forward to have we have in store for 2011!

- the GazettE -

As many of you know, December 26th hallmarked the finale of the Gazette’s NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS TOUR 2010, as well as their first performance at TOKYO DOME, an event that has fans celebrating worldwide, and has even resulted in ‘Tokyo Dome’ becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

At the concert the band revealed some of their plans for 2011, and it seems that March will be quite a busy month for them. There will be two new releases on March 23rd, the live DVD “THE NAMELESS LIBERTY 10.12.26 AT TOKYO DOME” and a best of album entitled “TRACES BEST OF 2005-2009” which you can already preorder on CD Japan. They’ll also be doing a fanclub only tour called “LIVE TOUR11 TWO CONCEPT EIGHT NIGHTS ABYSS / LUCY” the tourdates are as follows:

March 7th Shinkiba STUDIO COAST -ABYSS-
March 8th Shinkiba STUDIO COAST -LUCY-
March 15th Yokohama BLITZ -ABYSS-
March 16th Yokohama BLITZ -LUCY-
March 22nd Zepp Osaka -ABYSS-
March 23rd Zepp Osaka -LUCY-
March 28th Zepp Nagoya -ABYSS-
March 29th Zepp Nagoya -LUCY-

Certainly sounds like a very interesting concept, don’t you think? And if all of that wasn’t enough for you, to top it all off, the GazettE will also be releasing their next new single sometime in the spring. Can’t wait!

- Plastic Tree -

The upcoming Plastic Tree concerts scheduled for December 28th and 29th have been canceled due to their vocalist Ryutaro Arimura being diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome, which results in symptoms including weakness of limbs, and left untreated, can develop into paralysis.

Very sad news, but be sure to wish Ryutaro well via his twitter, with prompt treatment, a full recovery is certainly possible. Also, if you’re in Japan, fans can leave messages for him on the 28th and 29th outside of JCB Hall venue.

- jealkb -

Jealkb will be releasing a new album on February 9th 2011, entitled “Invade” their first new full length album in 2 years! You can preorder yourself a copy right here on CD Japan.

As with most releases, there is a regular edition, the Type A limited edition and the Type B limited edition. Isn’t it always so hard to choose just one version?


Great news! On February 2nd, ROACH, the hard rock band from Okinawa, will be releasing their very first mini album, entitled BREED OF THE SUN. And on February 5th they'll begin the BREED OF THE SUN TOUR.

Recently, ROACH is becoming more and more active. Their last single, which was released earlier this year, was their first release since 2007. Glad to see them back in action!

Did you know that ROACH has an official facebook page? Why don’t you go add them?

- Chemical Pictures -

On December 20th, Chemical Pictures bassist, Jimi, had his last performance with the band. Even after Jimi’s departure the band has been moving forward and have already revealed their new bassist, Taku, who has been a support bassist for Tenten (now Taira Kazuhiro) in his previous projects.

Swing by his ameba blog and send him a warm welcome. Let’s see what CPS has in store for us in 2011!

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- Translations -

The president of PSCompany has joined the twitter community, and has been answering questions from fans. Music Japan Plus has translated a few of them, particularly the ones centered on rumors concerning PSCompany band members and romantic relationships.

Click here to check it out!

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