Date Of Birth : 7.28
Blood Type : B
H:177 / B:91 /W:69 / H:87 / W:58

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A Japanese singer, composer, model, designer and DJ – tezya started his music career in 1992 with bands such as Grace ModE, FiX, ATOMIC ZaZa and MeGAROPA. His influences – stemmed from the 80′s UK Rock scene, glam rock, and new wave genres – combined with tezya’s low, charismatic singing voice, evokes a unique and captivating sound; a style which he defines as “FUTURE GLAMOUR ROCK’N’ROLL”

With a long career, tezya has been involved in numerous projects such as Euphoria, the solo project of Japanese virtuoso guitarist Fumihiko Kitsutaka, in which tezya provided stunning vocals and lyrics written especially for this session collaboration.

Other renowned artists that tezya has worked with include Seela (D’ERLANGER), ASAKI (AGE OF PUNK, BUG), and Dizzy Reed (GUNS’N’ROSES) For tezya’s first solo album LIFE MY BABYLON, which released in September 2010, his childhood friend SUGIZO of LUNA SEA, took part in the recording of Cosmo of Love.

tezya and SUGIZO collaborated again in 2012 for SiNE6′s single, BLACKOUT. The anticipated release reached #6 on the iTunes Japan Top 10 Electronic Songs, a mere day after its release.

2013 has been an impressive year for tezya. In addition to his performances in Japan, he embarked on a Spring/Summer world tour, traveling to Mexico, France, Sweden and Moscow to perform for enthusiastic fans who had long anticipated his live show. In August tezya, accompanied by SiNE6, also performed at the Hope And Live benefit concert, a three day event held to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Capping off a splendid 2013, November 13th saw the worldwide release of “LIFE MY BABYLON~Slave to the Beat Version~” via iTunes.


1992 Grace ModE/ Mini Album “Modern Jungle” released (CROWN PMC)
1994 All lyrics for Euphoria (Project by Fumihiko Kitsutaka from King-Show) / Vocal for Japan Tour and the Album “Euphoria” released (MCA Victor)
1995-1996 FiX/ Album “Windows” Single “Shangli-La””Ballet” released (POLYDOR)
1997 ATOMIC ZaZa/ Maxi Single “Cool de nante…” released (iNOKS Record)
2001 MeGAROPA/ organized in London
2003 MeGAROPA/ Album “megaropa” released (HiBOOM)
2006 MeGAROPA/ ceased their activities
2007 MeGAROPA/ LIVE DVD “-the Show- Please Wait Our Continuous Deta” released
2007 12.31 solo project: tezya & the sightz
2010 09.23 tezya 1st Album “LIFE MY BABYLON” released
2013 11.13 “LIFE MY BABYLON~Slave to the Beat Version” released via iTunes
2014 01.19 new band project BLITZAGE is announced


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