The East/West SoundThe East/West Sound is a world music promotion company based in New York and official US promoter/management for electro-rock band Galaxy 7 from Tokyo, Japan.

With a purpose to help musicians of all styles, sounds and backgrounds get their music heard; we work by promoting, advertising and marketing our clients on social media, music oriented web sites, radio, television and online magazines. We work with all types of genres such as Indie, Electro-Rock, Pop, Rock, Alternative, JRock and Visual Kei.

toowildOpen to proposals from all musical genres, Too Wild works with amateurs and professionals alike with a customizable and negotiable panel of services such as:

Management of artists, Promotion and communication, Photoshooting, Visual creations (flyers, posters, paintings, CD covers etc.), Video recording and editing (specialized in live MV), Concerts/tours organization, Music production, Website creation, etc…Many other things can be possible.


neonlogo250At NEON we are passionate about music. We will bend over backwards for our clients and concert guests. We know that going the extra mile is crucial for a successful gig and for fans to have an amazing concert experience and come back in the future.
NEON supports artists and bands wanting to expand their market. Whereas other promoters often refuse to work with clients attracting less than 500 – 1000 fans, NEON prefers to work with artists that draw in smaller crowds. We like to see our clients grow with their fan-base.
At NEON, loyalty and respect go a long way. Establishing and maintaining a solid relationship with our clients is of utmost importance to us.


SHOXX dba Babel Entertainment and CM USA have been delivering the goods with amazing artist from Japan to appear at many events in the U.S.. From Visual Kei, JPOP, Heavy Metal, Fashion, Actress/Actors, Video Games, and DJ’s Babel strives at helping your event grow and making it the event of choice. Whether a convention, a special event, or tour; Babel is your choice to make it happen the way you want it. When looking for acts/entertainment for your event, please feel free to contact us. We would be honored to work with you and help make your event a success!

Babel Entertainment is your source for 24/7 Pure JROCK via its free streaming online radio via shoutcast with JSHOXX Radio. Download the free shoutcast app today on your smart phone and search JSHOXX Radio for 24/7 Pure JROCK!





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