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VK2012Launching in June 2010, Visual KEIOS was build upon a mission and determination to share knowledge and show appreciation for Japanese Rock, and especially the very diverse music scene known as Visual Kei.

With the assistance of dedicated staff and contributors, what began as a news blog soon evolved into a full web magazine where it is our goal to continually support and promote all things new, exciting and spectacular in the world of Visual Kei and Japanese Rock. We strive to highlight all aspects of the scene, from the musicians themselves, to the spirited fan community, and the people who have gone to great lengths to promote the scene across the world.

While our main focus will always be visual kei, in the years since our debut we have ventured Beyond Visual Kei to many other genres of music from Japan. Alongside our weekly news updates every Sunday, we are devoted to bringing you in-depth interviews, detailed articles ranging from events coverage to reviews of noted releases, galleries of live photos and fanworks, prize giveaways and much more!

In addition to our web magazine, we are proud to be the North American management and promotion company for the Japanese artist musician, composer, singer, designer, model and DJ, tezya.

Started his music career in 1992 with bands such as Grace ModE, FiX, ATOMIC ZaZa and MeGAROPA. His influences – stemmed from the 80′s UK Rock scene, glam rock, and new wave genres – combined with tezya’s low, charismatic singing voice evokes a unique and captivating sound; a style in which he defines his style as “FUTURE GLAMOUR ROCK’N’ROLL”


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Visual KEIOS Main Staff

Alicia R. Thomas | Editor in Chief  | Contact | Personal Website  |  Photography

C.Thomas | Public Relations | Contact

J.Choi | Administrative Assistant | Contact


Current Contributing Freelancers

A.Chung | Event Reporter

Christopher Brown |Event Reporter

Nick [Raine Havoc] | Event Reporter

David Pleszak | Event Photographer (Europe)

Stéphanie Vandevoorde | Event Reporter (Europe)