When it comes to fate, there is no warning beforehand
It comes out of the blue, but it will come for sure
Is it the beginning or is it already too late
A profound fantasy questioning the meaning of life

– nowisee –


nowisee (pronounced “noise”), is a cross-content creation between music, animation, novel and comics. On August 8th, 2015, 08:08:08, music video titled “Vibration” was released online, and after that a new video has been following every 8th of every month.

Behind the unit name “nowisee” stands 6 professional musicians who have been involved in so many creations that they have sold over 15,000,000 CD’s all together. The music they create combined with the emotional vocals will get you hooked with the first listening, and the story behind the songs will attract you even more.

The story is told from the point of view of a person called “I”, who woke up without any memory in a mysterious place, which turns out to be “sea”; a separate world where people who have lost the hope to the real world and have decided to end their lives visit before their death. The storyline behind the songs can be read through their official application “nowisee” in both written form and as a manga (released on comico.jp).

If you enjoy things pretty to listen, pretty to watch, this project is something you will most certainly find enjoyable.


#05/24: Platanus

No past, no future, nowhere to go
All that matters is that we have this moment
I just can’t bear anymore to choke back my tears
Because I’ve met you

 “You” are “me, “I” am “You”. Another person living inside of me. It feels like I don’t want to see it, but also like it has to be there. It might be that “You” started to ignore “Me” because “I” ignored “You”. There is no need to try to get over it or to hurry. I just want to be able to look at myself straight.

MV URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VRMxZYO-EQ


#06/24: Nano

Do we hold back our approval because we never receive it ourselves?
Is sacrifice necessary for success?
Do I even possess that special “something”
That allows me to reject false images and pretenses


Sometimes I feel “possessed”. The one who gives up first loses, that’s the feeling I get. If you’re weak you act strong. You reject because you’re afraid. People are simple but hard to please. If you don’t have something better than other people, you feel insecure. But even if you have something better, even if you do win, what will it become?

MV URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr2KOH5OkCw

■ Story ―

“Looking for the reason to live.”

“I” opened her eyes in an unknown beach in the middle of the night. She had lost her memory and couldn’t even remember her name. As she was left there with no idea of what had happened and who she was, a man named “D” appeared from nowhere and saved her. D took her to a house where his friends were. There I meets the head of the house “R”, alcoholic “J” and mysterious boy “C”. She learns that the place she is in is “sea” (a separate world where people who have lost the hope to the real world and have decided to end their lives visit before their death), and that they are special beings in that world. While still having no idea of the reason she exists (the past she has forgotten), one day she meets a girl named “U”, who disappears immediately. For some reason I can’t forget U, and she believes that U has something to do with the memory I has lost, and so I starts to look for her. What will be waiting for her in the end?


■ About “nowisee” ―

“nowisee” (pronounced “noise“). Strange Octave (vocal), Minimum Root (guitar), Add Fat (guitar), Turtle 7th (piano), Chotto Unison (bass) and Zankoku tone (artwork). Group of professional musicians who have been involved in so many creations that their overall sales combined are over 15,000,000 CD’s. On August 8th, 2015, 08:08:08, they publish their first song “Vibration”, and announce that they will be releasing a new song every month on the 8th. On October 8th, 2015, they release a smartphone application on AppStore and GooglePlay as a collection of their creations, making it the first “smartphone application album”. By August 2016 the application has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and it has been gaining attention all over, making it rank in as 5th on AppStore entertainment ranking. On August 10th, they released their 1st Album “Tenohira no Sensou” from King Records.


Press release courtesy of coolJAPAN inc.